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Normalization Process Theory

No description

on 24 September 2016

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Transcript of Normalization Process Theory

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Collection Action
Interactional Workability--interactional work people do with each other when operationalizing
Relational Integration--work to build accountability and confidence
Skill set workability- division of labor
Contextual Integration--resource work
Operational Work
NPT Core Concepts: An Action Theory
Cognitive Participation
Collective Action
Reflexive Monitoring
Coherence: The Sense Making Work
Differentiation--how is change different than current state
Communal Specification--People working together to build shared understanding of objectives
Individual Specification--Individuals work to understand their specific tasks
Internalization--Attribute worth to the new way of thinking
Normalization Process Theory
Implementation and evaluation of complex interventions

Normalization Process Theory
Cognitive Participation: Relational Work
Initiation--Key participants working to drive new process forward
Enrollment--Building communal engagement, may need to organize and reorganize to get buy-in
Legitimization--Participants believe it is right for them to be involved and that they can contribute
Activation--Participants to identify sustainment plan
Reflexive Monitoring
Systemization-How useful has the change been
Communal Appraisal-work together to evaluate
Individual Appraisal-evaluate not only the work of the program change, but the impact on individual's work flow
Reconfiguration-Evaluation may lead to modification of new change
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