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Case Study

No description

Eleanor Avril

on 28 April 2016

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Transcript of Case Study

Case Study
Case Study: Greg
Bipolar Type II
Bipolar II is marked by periods of hypomania and severe depression. Hypomania is when the patient has a persistently elevated state of mind, including unusual cheerfulness. It is a milder form of mania.
Cyclothymic Disorder
Cyclothymic disorder is when the patient has periods of hypomania and brief periods of some depression. It is a much milder version of the other types of bipolar disorder.
Mixed Features
The final major type of bipolar disorder, mixed features, refers to when a patient feels simultaneously manic and depressive – high energy and despairing.
Bipolar Type I
Bipolar I is when the patient has periods of extreme mania (excitement, euphoria, delusions, obsessions) and depression (prolonged sadness and possibly suicidal behavior).
Greg Hannigan is a 25-year-old man living in the Silicon Valley, California. Greg is a software engineer and recently has been receiving low performance reviews; his boss observed that he has been unusually intense and extreme over the past weeks and is difficult to work with. He has been very high energy, has jumped between ideas quickly, and has been speaking more loudly and rapidly. This is a significant change from several months ago when Greg was considered relatively low-energy by all his coworkers. At the request of his boss, Greg went to his doctor to see if his mood swings could be explained by a medical condition. He was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Which type do you think he has? Click through to see explanations of the types of bipolar disorder.
What type of bipolar disorder does Greg have?
Make a guess and proceed to the next slide.
Bipolar I
Greg has bipolar type I. This is clear because not only did he experience depression, his boss and coworkers reported that he was in a state of severe mania.
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