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TXST NSO Two-Day Session

TXST 101

Morgan Meeks

on 20 June 2014

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Transcript of TXST NSO Two-Day Session

1 1

A few rules first:
Ask questions!
Stay off your cell phone!

Campus Pride
The Victory Star
The Quad
Bobcat Alley
The Fighting Stallions
Rec Electricity Conservation
Campus Traditions
Trade-Up Day
Soap Box Derby
Ring Ceremony
Bobcat Build
Greek Week
Mama's Kitchen
Dean's List Reception
Bobcat Pause
Health Center
Meningitis Vaccinations

Tobacco-Free Campus
Primary care and women's health services
On-Site Lab
Digital X-Rays
24 hour Nurse Phone Line
Experienced Medical Staff
Falls & Sayers
Suite Style
Super-Suite Style
San Jacinto
San Marcos
College Inn
Traditional Style
Fall move-in dates are August 16 & 17. Move-in times are assigned according to the last two digits of your Student ID (A...)
Move-In Tips!
Pack lightly
Wear comfortable clothes/shoes
Look out for Cat's Crew
Be polite and respectful!
Room changes cannot be made until the 12th class day. After the 12th class day, speak to your RA about how to improve your on-campus living experience.
Learning Communities
Texas State houses 12 learning communities. Students living in a learning community have the opportunity to take co-enrolled courses and work closely with faculty members. LC's also attend programs and "field trips" according to the topic of their community.
Housing & Residential Life
LBJ Student Center
2nd Floor:
University Bookstore
Information Desk
The Lair
4th Floor:
Campus Activities & Student Organizations (CASO) - Student Involvement*
5th Floor:
Alcohol & Drug Compliance Services (ADCS)
Office of Disability Services (ODS)
The Office of Diversity & Inclusion
Counseling Center
Career Services
Attorney for Students
Parking Services
All students, faculty and staff who operate or park a vehicle on campus are required to register the vehicle, purchase a permit and display the permit at all times.
Permits can be ordered online or at the Matthews Street Garage
Lot restrictions are in effect Monday-Friday 7 a.m.- 5 p.m.
On-campus residents may only purchase a green Resident permit or a Mill Street permit.
Commuter students can purchase purple Perimeter permits or a green Resident permit (only after the 12th class day)
Albert B. Alkek Library
Student Learning Assistance Center (SLAC)
4th floor
The Wittliff Collections
Quiet Study floors: 5th & 6th
Private Study rooms: 5th-7th
Free Anti-Virus
Campus WiFi
Ethernet Cables
Mobile/Phone Services
Bobcat Mail Support
FREE Office 365 for all enrolled students
XP computers will not be supported
On-Campus Dining
150 Block= 150 meal trades + $125 Dining Dollars
200 Block= 200 meal trades + $100 Dining Dollars
250 Block= 250 meal trades + $75 Dining Dollars

1 Dining Dollar = $1.oo
Meal Trades roll over from Fall to Spring only
Where to Eat
The Den
The Lair
Paws Market
PACE: Personalized Academic & Career Exploration
The PACE Program encourages freshmen to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to assess their interests, abilities and goals; explore the future of the work world and choose appropriate pathways and opportunities
Academic Advising
Career Counseling
University Seminar
Peer Mentoring
Hand Signs
Show 'em State!
Eat 'em Up Cats!
Honors College
Freshman Admission:
Top 10% graduating class, or
Composite ACT score of 27 or Composite SAT of 1180 (math + verbal)
Early Registration
Small, Specialized Classes
Honors Coffee Forum
Thesis-writing Courses
Apply online or at Lampasas
University Police Department
Bobcat Bobbies: 512.245.SAFE
Text Message Alerts
Self-Defense Courses
Bobcat Preview
Transfer Admission
Minimum 3.25 GPA
Sessions: August 18-23
Writing Center
Writing Counseling, through appointment
PUG Practice Exams & Tutoring
Writing Workshops
Online Tutoring
J.C. Kellam
Administration Building

1st Floor:
Student Business Services (SBS)
Veteran's Affairs
Registrar's Office
2nd Floor:
Financial Aid & Scholarships
3rd-11th Floors:
Administrative Offices
Texas State Facts
Emerging Research University
Hispanic Serving Institution
20 faculty members honored as Piper Professors for superior teaching
77% freshman retention rate from freshman to sophomore year
84% transfer retention rate
Established in 1899
Opened Doors in 1903
303 Students in 1903
Current Population: 35,568
5th Largest public institution in Texas
Famous Alumni
Tomas Rivera
Randy Rogers
Powers Boothe
George Strait
Karen Chisum
Charles Austin
Course Numbering
Mathematics 1315
University Seminar 1100
1st digit= level of course
2nd digit= semester hours
1- Freshman
2- Sophomore
3- Junior
4- Senior
5- Graduate
The average course is 3 credit hours. You would spend, on average, three hours per week in that class.
The average semester load is 15 hours (5 classes at 3 credit hours each)
120 hours is the minimum number of hours for a Bachelors Degree
You are considered a full-time student when you are enrolled in 12 or more semester hours.
To be eligible for financial aid, you must be enrolled in 6 hours.
For grants & scholarships, you must be full-time.
Freshman: 1-29
Sophomore: 30-59
Junior: 60-89
Senior: 90+
Academic Policies
Course Repeat: You will be charged an additional fee for courses that you attempt more than twice at any Texas public institution (includes drops with "W").
Excess Hours Fee: You will be charged an additional fee per credit hour if you exceed 30 hours in courses which do not apply to your degree requirements
6 Drop Policy: You will be charged an additional fee if you drop more than 6 courses during your undergraduate career without "good cause."
I - Incomplete
W - Withdrawn Passing
P - Course in Progress
CR - Credit
Dropping vs. Withdrawing
Dropping: Students can drop all but one hour of coursework to still be enrolled.

Withdrawing: Withdrawing is reducing your hours to zero for the current semester. It only affects the current semester, not any future semester for which you are enrolled. Students must reapply in order to return to Texas State.

Adding: Students who want to add a course must do so by the 12th class day
Academic Probation
At the end of a semester, if your Texas State GPA is below a 2.0, the university places you on Academic Probation. During this time, you may take a regular course load, but your Texas State GPA must be raised in order to remain at Texas State.
San Marcos River
Sewell Park
Glass Bottom Boat Tours
Aquarena Center
Jumping in the River
Cross Country
Track & Field
Cross Country
Track & Field
Please consult your academic adviser for any questions
regarding academic policies!
Lyndon Baines Johnson
Please consult your academic adviser for any questions
regarding academic probation!
Strahan Coliseum
Bobcat Ballpark & Bobcat Softball Stadium
Bobcat Stadium
We are a Division One Program and a part of the Sunbelt Conference.

Texas State students receive FREE admittance to all Bobcat sporting events!
Get more information on Bobcat Preview at the Bobcat Reception in the Ballroom!
*coming soon
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