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Respond Perform Create

No description

Corin Overland

on 19 January 2015

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Transcript of Respond Perform Create

Developing musical (and non-musical) skills that encourage critical analysis and higher-order thinking.
Developing the skills to perform, write, manage, or manipulate preexisting music and idioms into new pieces or forms.
Florida Arts
Playing, or developing the skills necessary to play music that has been previously created.
Physical Domain
Visual Domain
Audiative Domain
Models, theories, and practices vary with regards to:
The order,
the need for, and
the implementation of these three domains.
Consider Kodaly. How do these three domains interconnect?
Consider Suzuki. How do these three domains interconnect?
Consider Orff. How do these three domains interconnect?
Consider Arben's. How do these three domains interconnect?
Regardless of the methodology, our job in Peformance is to integrate these three domains into a cohesive musical skill. This can take months or years, depending on the aptitude of the student.
Performance is NOT a purely intellectual pursuit, and therefore should not be taught as such. How would you teach someone to act? To dance? To sculpt?
The Performance Domains
Revisit your 14 Learning PCR Learning Activities. Adjust any language or procedures that are not to your standards.
Assign a Sunshine Standard to each of your 14 Learning Activities.
Post your three favorites (and their standards) on the Blackboard wiki page.
Begin an About Me Page that you can use for professional activities.
Watson's Steps to Creativity

1. Allow students to share themselves
2. Offer compelling examples to imitate and observe
3. Employ parameters and limitations that remove distractors and help students focus
4. Remove parameters and limitations that stifle Creativity
5. Facilitate Improvisation
6. Engage in Coaching Interaction
7. Foster Opportunities for Feedback and Critique
8. Employ Performance and Recital
Compare and contrast "Dark Side of the Moon" with Beethoven's "Moonlight Sonata."
What order should I practice these pieces in?
Is what he's doing more musical than what she's doing?
I have to write an opera. Where do I start?
Did that sound better?
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