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Presentation: CAP

Kaitlyn Clement

on 23 May 2014

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Transcript of Easter

When was it first celebrated?
Who celebrates it?
Orriginaly Pagan holiday
Christians unknowingly celebrate pagnan roots:
The bunny; the symbol of fertility
colored eggs, the new life of spring
Centered around the goddess Eostre
Kaitlyn Clement

Children smash eggs over each other's heads
United States
Easter Parades
Red eggs "Christ is Risen" procession
Hare Pie and Bottle Kicking
What happens on Easter?
Easter Parade - New York
Traditional Easter Egg Tree - Germany
Painted Eggs - Mexico
Egg Hunt Jackpot - Central Park
Easter Parade - New Orleans
Huge bonfires are lit on Easter Saturday
Most important of Christian holidays
Symbolizes one of the most important events in history
Unique and widespread celebration
Effects spread worldwide
The next closest holiday
Chritians and Pagnans celebrate easter
Is one of few religious based holidays that is celebrated out of that religion
Easter is celebrated worldwide, but the festivities vary
Countries that don't celebrate Easter celebrate something close to it
Origin Continued
egg fights
unbroken egg = winner
oldest woman in family colors faces of children
Called Paques in France
Bells and fish are imprtant (much like bunnies and eggs)
Chocolate fish are sold almost everywhere in France
The last day of "the Holy Week"
"Resurrection Sunday" (Jesus resurrected)
Only prophet to come back from dead
Quickly became worldwide phenomenon
Forever effected religion worldwide
Spread legitimacy Christianity through whole known world
Made Jesus most well known prophet to this day
The oldest Christian holiday
It's the base of Christianity. No reserrection, no Christiansity
Jewish prophet
Know as the Messiah to Christianity
Died for the world's sins
Sacrificed on the cross
Reserrected three days later
Only person to ever be confirmed as coming back from the dead.
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