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Restrictions on Science

No description

emily estrada

on 1 June 2017

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Transcript of Restrictions on Science

To what extent can we understand that restrictions on science are determined by region?
Restrictions on Science
Stem-cell research, specifically embryonic stem-cell research, and how laws in the U.S. can be compared to the laws of such studies in European countries such as Spain, Germany, and Switzerland.
Real-life situation
Bill Clinton passes specific laws
George W. Bush revokes those laws and instills new ones
Barack Obama brings back old laws
The United States
Only research to help the embryo
Research expanded to donated embryos on cells
No longer researching the cells, only reproduction research
Collection strictly prohibited under Constitution
Imports of embryos regulated
Extension of cut-off dates
Surplus in vitro fertilization eggs
Can only be fertilized for 7 days maximum
Laws against preservation and development
Basis in biology and other subjects
Establish the guidelines
Explores our bodies and healing properties
Natural Sciences
Allows us to make sense of conclusions
Evaluates information and how it can be applied elsewhere
Emily Estrada
What is the connection between the two?
The differences between the United States and Euorpean countries
Comparing the Western and Eastern hemispheres
Specific laws
Allows us to recall information and adjust
Saves time and supplies in scientific research
Helps us break down information
Always present in these areas
Most notable and controversial
Some believe it is wrong, others right
Drive us to make our conclusions on such research
Not that different in the laws and practices
Overseen often times
However, differences should not be ignored
We are greatly capable
Culture and beliefs effect it
Region is a determining factor
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