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Saddam Hussein-Tyrant, Dictator, Inhuman Monster

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simon gabril

on 14 January 2014

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Transcript of Saddam Hussein-Tyrant, Dictator, Inhuman Monster

Saddam Hussein-Tyrant, Dictator, Inhuman Monster
Conclusion& Discussion Question
2003, Iraq is invaded by America to put an end to a dictatorship, do you believe America went about it the correct way, by killing many civilians in Iraq in order to overthrow Saddam?
Halabja Attack
Halabja Chemical Attack/Anfal Campaign
March 16, 1988 the city of Halabja was attacked, the city of Halabja was where most Iraqi-Kurdish people would reside. On that morning, Iraqi warplanes dropped chemical bombs on the civilians, and the many people who lived there, nearly killing 5000 instantaneously, and it is known that nearly 7,000 people still suffer from the injuries, or long term illnesses. Showing that not only did he have the intention of killing them but making generations of their family suffer.
Politically Corrupt
The middle east has a lot of the worlds oil, and Saddam went to the extent of attacking a country, in order to get oil but when he couldn't, he destroyed all their oil wells. Saddam Hussein used any of the oil money he received in order to build on his surroundings, and not for the country.

A facade president
Saddam gave Iraq the idea that he was going to change them for the better, but rather he worsened the conditions of the country which were being destroyed by his predecessors in the first place.
Saddam Husseins Life Before Power
Grew up with challenges surrounding him, he was sent to live with his maternal uncle entering his teen years, Khariallah Talfah. His family was abandon by his father, and faced the death of his brother, at the age of 13, prior to his mom getting remarried.
He was a complete monster, who had Iraq in a captivity of negativity for an extensive period of time, persuaded many to believe that he was for change in the country, and did good in the start of his regime, but than turned his back on Iraq to get what he wanted. taking away the lives of many civilians in the process, and even his own family, displaying that by setting up the murder of his brother in law as he opposed what Saddam was doing.
Grew up as someone who had endured every type of torment there possibly was to experience, which may have led to the corrupt self beneficial mindset of Saddam
Born April 28th, 1937 in the town of Al-Awja, to Sunni-Muslim farmers
Iraq took a step back economically and politically with Saddam in power.
Beginning of a long term dictatorship
Though his supporters saw him as a political genius, and in a good prime minister. He was a man who led a substandard regime, because of the way he went about of things. Showing no remorse to his own people and his enemies. He was the butcher of Iraq, and set them up for the present day failures by the corrupt leadership.
Joined the Ba'ath Party at a young age, as his maternal uncle was heavily involved, his uncle may have also been one who directed him into who he became, as it is stated Khairallah Talfahs, both son and daughters acted like their father, and Saddam already growing up in a disrupted life, may have been influenced by his uncle who was also a monstrous human being.
The Ba'ath Party attempted to assainate President Qasim, The assassination was set for Oct. 7, 1959. "One former CIA official said that the 22-year-old Saddam lost his nerve and began firing too soon, killing Qasim's driver and only wounding Qasim in the shoulder and arm." Due to the failed assassination this forced Saddam to flee Iraq, Saddam then crossed into Syria and was transferred by Egyptian intelligence agents to Beirut

July 16th, 1979 the president of Iraq stepped down and Saddam was made the official president of Iraq. Though he had been involved in the head of power, prior to the formal declaration of him becoming president.
He had a completely different perspective from the west, as the west believed in the rights and freedoms of people, allowing people to make a living for themselves, whereas under Saddams reign it was near impossible to thrive in success, rather he was taking money from people to make a bigger army, and gave more to his own family members.
Do you believe that his childhood and background had something to do with the way he went about things and treated the value of human life as nothing?
Took away the freedom of speech in Iraq, as he did not let anyone step in his way, or have a say in what was done, rather they were imprisoned or killed.
Gruesomely tortured them in the prisons ultimately leading to their death.
It is evident, by what you can see and hear in the video that these human beings were treated in a way nobody should be treated, and this was led by the Ba'ath socialist party in which Saddam was in charge of.
Iraq Economically during Saddam's Reign
He entirely had control over the imports and exports coming in and out of Iraq.
Iraq had diverted dual-use items obtained under the oil for military purposes. An example would be, Iraq diverted UN approved trucks from humanitarian relief purposes to military purposes, and has used construction equipment to help rebuild WMD-affiliated facilities.
Saddam had spent smuggled oil wealth, to build up a life for his family, and spent it on his palaces, cargo companies, and farms. Used the money for self-benefical reasons instead of helping the humanitarian needs of the Iraqi people. Also bought T-70 tanks, in order to further strengthen his military.
Used the water pumps, piping, and other supplies which could have been given to the many people he starved, and left dehydrated, but used them for the canals he had constructed outside of his palace.
Economically, Iraqis were destroyed because they kept food away from them and restricted their freedom of trade only allowing himself to do what was better for him and his surroundings
The only ones who prospered were the Sunni-Muslims, and did not oppose him than you were incredibly successful, and vise-versa if you weren't, again proving the corruption within only doing good for the people he wants to help and himself
Attacks on Kuwait and Halajba
Throughout his political reign, it was clear he was indeed a remorseless human being, forcing people to join his military following their graduation from high school. Abusing his power and ruining the lives of his own people by not allowing them to have a choice to option out.
In 1990, Saddam proved he really was willing to attack anyone as after the Iran-Iraq war, he attacked the allies of Iraq throughout the war, as he was not able to pay the debts that were owed to Kuwait.
Invaded Kuwait accusing them of not only flooding the world oil market but also stealing Iraqi petroleum through directional drilling, claiming they were taking almost 300,000 barrels of Iraqi oil a day, and as a result of this, Saddam torched nearly 600 oil wells in Kuwait.
He was unjustified in his actions and truly had no reason to commit the crimes he did, a nurse in a case who witnessed the invasion first hand, said that "The soldiers would come in the hospital, and open the incubator and put the children on the cold floor leaving them to die" displaying that Saddam ordered these soldiers not only to destroy Kuwait and their oil wells, but also take out the lives of people of all ages.
In 2003, the dictatorship of Saddam Hussein came to an end when America invaded Iraq, because of how much Saddam was abusing his chemical warfare and military. He was tried and convicted. On November, 5th 2006 he was sentenced to death by hanging, appealed December 26th, but was rejected and was hanged on December 30th, 2006.
Saddam had established his campaign which led to many causalities against the Kurdish people, starting it around 1983, which is when the first genocidal phase occurred, where it saw nearly 182,000 deaths at a Ba'athist concentration camp.
He used many gases against his own Iraqi-Kurdish people
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