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Body System Analogies

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Liz Birchfield

on 27 January 2015

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Transcript of Body System Analogies

The foundation of a house is like the skeletal system. The house's foundation gives the house shape, and gives it a base in which it can be built off of, and so does the skeletal system.
Immune System
The security system is like the immune system. It protects the house from unwelcome visitors who want to harm the house, or steal stuff from the house. The immune system also protects the body from foreign invaders.
Circulatory System
A house's underground pipes for water and gas are like the circulatory system. The pipes resemble veins, and they give the water and gas a way to get to where they need to be. The circulatory system also pumps blood throughout the body.
Skeletal System
Excretory System
The house's sewage pipes are like the excretory system. It disposes the waste products so they don't damage the house. The excretory system also disposes of waste.
Endocrine System
The heating pipes and the furnace is like the endocrine system. The pipes help the heat from the furnace travel around the house and makes the whole house warm, and the endocrine system has hormones that circulate around the body.
Muscular System
The insulation inside of a house is like the muscular system. They are both pink, and they are somewhat connected to the skeletal system.
Digestive System
The garbage disposal is like the digestive system. It breaks down the bits of food, like the digestive system.
Respiratory System
The A/C and air vents is like the respiratory system. The respiratory system helps you to breath, and provide air to your body, and the A/C system keeps the air circulating through your body.
Body System Analogies
A house
Nervous System
The electrical and internet wiring in a house are like the nervous system. The electrical and internet wires help the house function, like the nervous system.
Integumentary System
The shingles and the siding on the house are like the integumentary system. The shingles and siding on the house are on the outside of the house, like parts of the integumentary system.
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