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The Jungle Book

About the story Jungle Book

Varuna Narayanan

on 1 March 2011

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Transcript of The Jungle Book

The Jungle Book Timeline A folk tale by Walt Disney
Presents Setting Jungle in India Deep in the jungles of faraway India,
lived a wise black panther named Bagheera.
Bagheera sat in a tree and saw something surprising.

Bagheera saw a Man-cub. He was not able to care for
the Man-cub, so he took the baby to live with a family of wolves.
The wolves named the Man-cub "Mowgli" and raised him
as one of their own.

Ten rainy seasons came & went.
Mowgli grew, and no Man-cub was happier than him. The creatures of the jungle were good to him. But one jungle animal did not
wish Mowgli well. It was Shere Khan, the
cunning and strong tiger.
Shere Khan feared nothing but Man's gun and Man's fire. He was sure the Man-cub would grow up to be a hunter.

When Shere Khan returned to the jungle,
Bagheera and Akela decided to take Mowgli
to the man village. Bagheera and Mowgli
started on their way. While resting for the night
Kaa the snake appeared. He used his hypnotic
eyes to put Mowgli in a trance and wrapped
him in his coils. Bagheera woke just in-time to
smack Kaa on the head and send him on his way.
Mowgli decided he didn't want to go with Bagheera
and went off on his own. Along the way Mowgli saw a parade of
elephants. He thought it was wonderful
and wanted to march along with them.
Colonel Hathi took a closer look at Mowgli
and found that he was not an elephant but a
Man-cub. Bagheera rescued Mowgli. When
Bagheera insisted to take him to the Man
village Mowgli refused once more. Bagheera
left Mowgli alone. Mowgli soon met a good-natured bear
named Baloo. Baloo helped Mowgli
forget his troubles. They played together,
swam together, and ate sweet, ripe bananas
and coconuts all day long. As the two friends floated on the river a group of monkeys swooped down on Mowgli. They picked him
up and dragged him off to the ancient city of
the monkey king. The monkey king wanted Mowgli to teach him the secret of fire.
Bagheera and Baloo arrived in time to help
Mowgli escape from the monkeys.
But Mowgli did not believe his friends. He
ran away from them again - right into the
great Shere Khan himself. Mowgli was not afraid of him. A storm began to blow around
them. Suddenly a bolt of lightning struck
nearby. The lightning started a small fire.
Mowgli grabbed a burning branch and tied it to Shere Khan's tail. The terrified tiger ran away,
never to be seen again.
Mowgli heard a new and beautiful sound.
It was a girl from the Man village, singing
a sweet song. Mowgli couldn't look away.
He stopped walking to listen. Bagheera and
Baloo urged him to go on. Mowgli followed
the girl all the way to the village. He turned
to wave good-bye to his friends. Their hearts
were sad, but they knew it was as it should be.
Their Man-cub had found his true home at last.
Main Characters Mowgli, the Man-cub Bagheera, the Panther Baloo, the Bear Akela, the Wolf Shere Khan, the Tiger Presented By Varun N.
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