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Manuel F

No description

Castroville PC Lab

on 2 June 2015

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Transcript of Manuel F

In concluetion
Manuel F
When Gaaracha won the election as a tribune in 133 B.C,he drew up a plan to give land to the poor .
The senate plotted to block any plans that took wealth from the power.
Rome and pope ,and Venezuela are un alike
Going to slum was probably the trickiest event in the pope's week in Brazil.
Helena Siso spent hours in line to by groceries.
Siso just wanted the government to do something about it
Pope Francis told people who live in a dangerous slum in Brazil on Thursday that their leaders must do a better job of helping them.
the wealthy and the powerful people in Rome ignore the poor people.
the gap between the rich and the poor continued to grow,but two people creating problems in Rome
Historical Willion C.M put it well when he wrote that Rome came" to love power for it's own sake.
the government male small improves to slow people anger .
the government spend money on community,centers,Library,and train station.
People Demand more money for kid health care.
Social justise and Reaching out to the poor.but they were in line with what the pope cares about most.
the government set prices for money items,including food.
Siso spend three hours in line to buy toilet paper and she had to come back the next day to get cornflower.
People cannot buy or sell things on their own easily.
I socialist economy,the government owns many business.
Rome was unwilling or unable to share their wealth and power with less fortunate
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