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Game Changer

No description

Jolie Fox

on 19 October 2012

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Transcript of Game Changer

Game Changer
Major Characters
KT Sutten

Minor Characters
Max Sutten, Mom, Dad, and Evangeline Setting
The setting is in present day America. Point of View
The point of view in this story is third person limited. Internal Conflict
Kt wants to play softball but she doesn't have a team. She also needs to figure out if anyone else is in this strange world with her but it would be a dangerous risk to ask.

External Conflict
Max, KT, and Evangeline are all stuck in this alternative world and need to know how to get out. They want to go back to the normal life and get out of that strange environment but if they do they will have to face some unexpected news in the real world. Theme
One thing I learned in this book is don't judge a book by it's cover. Another thing is winning is not the most important thing in life. Authors Purpose
I think the author wrote this book to tell us life isn't always about winning. If you tried your best it doesn't matter if you won or not. Summary
KT Sutten is all about softball. She was pitching at the most important game in her life, and the next thing you know she collapses and blacks out. When she wakes up she discovers her, her brother and an unpopular girl at school are in an alternate world. In her new life, school has been replaced with athletics and sports is now academics. They need to find a way out of this alternative world, but if they do they might be faced with some bad news in the real world. Pictures! Author
Margaret Peterson Haddix
By: Jolie Fox
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