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Writing Process

No description

Ariel Foy

on 23 November 2014

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Transcript of Writing Process

READ IT OUT LOUD! Does it make sense?
Make sure everything is organized and flows.
Check word choice and sentence fluency
Thesis/ Main Idea
Topic Sentence
Beginning, middle, end
Start a new paragraph when changing idea
Use the five W's to write sentences.

Writing Process

Don't know what to write? BRAINSTORM!
Then research!!
When writing make sure you answer these 5 questions.
spelling errors
grammatical errors
missing words
this strategy is like listing
the ideas look more like a list
the next thing will build on the the previous idea

The finished product.
Share your writing.

Random Ideas
Late at night, cellmate , took a shower
happy, husband, a love story, is moving away to a new place, Halloween, party
was on facebook, vampires, witches, rich person
won the crown, Kalia, a mechanic,
is being followed, brushed teeth, talking animals
a detective, Early in the morning, took a test
woke up, money, the judge, freedom
sad, robbed a bank, was being chased, a lawyer
Michael, escaped out of prison, After school,
went to the hospital, children ,wife, party
a murder mystery, club, being watched by the police
On the school bus, dog, got married
went on a trip, angry, Aunt
a thief, In my car, opened a studio
greedy, mother, fairies
Think of a Topic for a Short Story
You can use the following words to create a short story.
Your story must include:
at least
two main characters
at least

a full page long
creative, vivid,
have a
, a
, and an
There must be a
and it should be
by the end.
The Prisoner that Almost Got Away
Avery, a short, twenty four year old with sun-kissed skin was sitting in the famous Sing-Sing Prison- a large facility surrounded by the ocean. Sing-Sing is located on an isle close to the state of New York. Why is he there you ask, the answer is simple. He is a convicted murderer. Avery, although good-looking and seemingly helpful was a treacherous young man. He committed unspeakable crimes and was paying his unending debt to society. Avery never liked being told what to do, where to go, and how to do things, so after spending two days in a maximum security prison, he decided to escape and never look back.

One day, when a guard accidentally left his key to a hatchet in the wall, Avery got his first break and he rushed to take the key. From that day, he would use the stolen key to open the hatchet and search for a way out. About two weeks later, he found one.

It was a warm, quiet Sunday afternoon, around 12PM, when Avery made his daring move. He unlocked the hatchet, squeezed and shimmied his way up to the roof. After he got on the roof, he hastily searched around for something he could use as a floatation device. He saw a dilapidated piece of wood and decided it would have to do. Avery grabbed the wood and jumped from the roof into the ocean below. He made a large splash, but when the guards looked over to where he was, they saw nothing. Avery held his breath long enough to remain unseen. As the hours passed by, Avery swam, floated, and treading water until he reached land. By the time he was on land, it was 5PM. He ran to the nearest public bathroom and stripped himself of his raggedy orange jumpsuit.
Pg 9 in Write Source (blue)
PG 28 in Reader's Handbook (red)

Using the knowledge you have of the Holocaust, imagine you were one of the people being persecuted. How would you respond to being placed in ghettos, being given a symbol that had to be worn everywhere to be identified, to have no job, no valuables, not being able to go where you wanted when you wanted, and you knew the people in power hated you? How would you feel? What would you do to survive?

Just write until you are told to stop.
Which step of the writing process is this?
Which step of the writing process is this?
Which step of the writing process is this?
Which step of the writing process is this?
Which step of the writing process is this?
Types of prewriting:
brainstorming, free writing, mapping, outlining, or surfing the net
Free Writing
Surf the Net
Topic: Dogs
great animals
make great pets
are loyal and loving
Write what comes to your mind
this strategy resembles a paragraph
you write continuously without stopping
do not worry about spelling or grammar
then go back through it and pick out the most important ideas
The main idea should be in the center and either circled or underlined
related ideas should stem from main idea
When there is a topic you know very little about
surf the net
use a search engine such as google to get knowledge on the topic
Get in pairs
Look at and dissect two of these thought-provoking images
share ideas
use a different prewriting strategy for each
Get ready to use a prewriting strategy and to begin drafting a narrative!
Narrative Writing
Group Activity
One Word at a Time....
We are all going to participate in the telling of a story.

We are going to tell the story one word at a time.

I'll start with the first word, and then we''ll go from group 1 to group 8. In this order:

Feel free to start a new sentence whenever appropriate.

Don't take a long time to think of what to say next, just listen carefully to how the story develops and add your word quickly.
Groups of 4
look under the desk with the
sticker in your group and find a topic to start with
you will be given
minute to write your portion of the story,
make sure to write your name next to your portion
when time is up give the paper to another group member
after all have participated you will receive a story from another group and continue as you did before
setting = time + place

when and where
The people, animals, or objects within the story

Main character(s)
The beginning, middle, and end of a story is part of the plot
plot= what took place in the story
I have given you back your descriptive and informative rough drafts.
Your grades are to the top right of the paper.

If I asked you to complete or re-do please do so by tomorrow, Thursday, September 25, 2014.
If I did not ask you to complete or re-do, rewrite the draft, revise, and edit before bringing it in tomorrow. :)
Revise and edit both paragraphs
bring in both the rough draft and the final copy in to me
use blue or black ink
skip aline and cent your title on the first page
skip another line and begin your essay
indent each paragraph
MLA Format
Times New Roman-font
font size- 12
double spaced
title centered not bolded

**pg 29 in Write Source (blue)
**pg 28 in Write Source (blue)
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