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Garbage and pollution is a BIG problem. There is more than 5

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Logan Phoenix Draper

on 21 September 2016

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Transcript of Garbage and pollution is a BIG problem. There is more than 5

Garbage and pollution is a BIG problem. There is more than 5 million pounds of trash in the United states alone!
Recycle it or crush it?
picking up the trash is the half of it, now its time to decide do you recycle it or do you throw it away?
So 95% of the time, you want to recycle there are SO many things that can be recycle
Pick it up
So, Five Million pounds of trash is a lot. Believe it or not there IS a way to resolve these problems. If you see a piece
of trash on the floor what would
you do? Here's a hint, PICK IT UP
Picking up Trash
So aside from that picking up trash helps you and the enviorment significantly.
It helps the enviorment, Helps animals who's homes are cleared ever year to make space for dumps, and helps your amazing school of KDDC
- Food waste
- Glass
- plastic bottles
- some types of paper
As you can see we need to go green and pick up trash. I advice all of you to pick up trash and every time you leave something on the ground, I hope you remember how many animals habitats your destroying because of ne land fills....
Pollution and garbage
The World isn't a trash

IS it Recyclable
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