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Member Tracking System

No description

Derrick Kinsey

on 25 May 2016

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Transcript of Member Tracking System

Data collection - the bricks to what we do
Vision and Member Tracking
Goals for Boys and Girls Clubs
Organization/Information Standards
Members Tab
New Users
Quick Entry
1. For all staff to understand the importance of tracking data.
2. For our organization to have uniformity and accountability.
3. For Boys and Girls Clubs to have clean true data.
4. To use electronic data collection to help manage our grants, outcomes, and time.
5. To understand some features that the Member Tracking System can offer our clubs.
1. organization/information standards
2. member information
3. staff/volunteer information
4. adding a new user
5. quick entry
6. groups
7. reports
8. survey outcome measurement (pre and post testing)
9. activity calendar
10. attendance calendar
11. procedures
12. alumni unit
13. financials
14. ASU - aggregate submittal utility (national outcomes initiative
15. accountability
16. good ideas
This is the starting point and place to create your...
activity classifications
age groups
schools and grades
pay periods for staff
staff employment types
custom fields
Be detailed and keep your sites uniform.
Be detailed
Calculate membership number
Clean up data
Custom Fields
Utilize other member tabs
Be detailed
Generate staff number
Time Card
retrieve and build
grant splitting
User and staff are different!
Users can log in
Logging off
Selecting Unit / Activities
"In / Out" vs "Simple"
End of the day Shut Down
Batch Attendance
Easy to set up!
Helps with SWORPS, 21st Century, LEAP, etc.
No limit to amount of groups
Alumni Unit
For all members who graduate out of your program
No additional Cost!
Helps with frequency of attendance
Easy to distinguish alumni
Sequel Server Organizations
Review User Logs
Necessary Maintenance...
compact repair program files
compact and repair data and standards
clean up sessions & U.S.E. temp tables
find and fix missing data
backup all data & pictures
Attendance Calendar
Another Overview
Helps with finding sign in and out
Full day vs Half Day
Activity Calendar
Schedule Activities
Repairing incorrect attendance
Non members served
Other Youth served
Avoid mass fills!
Pre and Post Testing
Sampling Times
Computer vs Paper
Custom Fields (GPA, etc)
How to get results
Popular Reports
Attendance Summary for One Month
Member Attendance Record
Attendance Frequency
Number of Days in Attendance
Average Daily Attendance
Payments Received
Custom (DPI, etc)
Set charges and Reoccurring payments
Assign to show in Quick Entry
Use "Payments Received" report
Auto Billing
Mapping to match
2 Week Grace (but then LOCKED!!!)
Make sure the upload worked correctly
Additional Ideas
Create organization wide policy for data collection
Input data as you go...
Report immediately with terminal troubles
Have terminals designated for data collection only
Use technology to simplify the process
We are only Human...
Put Accountability System in place!
Give numbers to program staff to overview/correct
Use data collection in evaluations
Post Unit / Site numbers publicly
Use consequences when appropriate
Aggregate Submittal Utility

Webinars / Quick Tips
What would you like to know???

What can the program do?
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