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iNnovative iNstruction and iNtervention

iPads in Education

Audra Koning

on 24 September 2011

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Transcript of iNnovative iNstruction and iNtervention

Education iPad iPod iPhone Where we came from... Where we live now! Flashback Did you know...
The Internet began in and became commercialized in
the 's...expanding everywhere by the early 's. According to the National Education Technology Plan of 2010, " is at the of virtually every aspect of our daily lives and work, and we must leverage it to provide engaging and powerful learning experiences and content, as well as resources and assessments that measure student achievement in more , ,
and ways.” “Technology-based learning and assessment systems will be in improving student learning and generating data that can be used to the education system at all levels...With technology, we can redesign and implement processes to produce better while achieving ever higher levels
of and efficiency across the education system.” Many students’ lives today are filled with technology that gives them mobile access to information and resources . Outside school, students are free to pursue their passions in their own way and at their own pace. The opportunities are

___________________________________ "The challenge for our education system is to leverage the learning sciences and modern technology to create

learning experiences for all learners that mirror students’ daily lives and the reality of their futures. In contrast to traditional classroom instruction, this requires that we put students at the center and empower them to take control of their own learning by providing flexibility on several dimensions." Don Knezek, the CEO of the International Society for Technology in Education “Technology is helping teachers to expand linear, text-based learning and to engage students who learn best in other ways. Its role in schools has evolved from a contained “computer class” into
a that could change how we demonstrate concepts, assign projects and assess progress.” "Studies demonstrate that people can be exposed to images for a few short seconds and still retain of the information after a few days." " of the population consists of visual learners" "The use of affords educators an exceptional opportunity
to and discussion about important events. Used appropriately it will also
leave on students and the quality of classroom interaction." access evaluate resolve problems research intrisic interest communicate
collaborate variety of media differentiated student
motivation creative
potential empower
students Advantages progress monitoring adaptability cost & time saving literacy portable immediate
feedback socially
format Challenges Initial cost
Learning curve
Overwhelming amount of apps to search through
Management of device
Combating the View of the device as an expensive toy Who can use them? General Educators
Speech-Language Pathologists
Occupational Therapists
Physical Therapists
Personal/Individual Use
(as an Assistive Device) Some additional thoughts: wifi vs. 3G Volume Purchasing free apps Searching for apps Blogs Staff use?
Student use?
Classroom sets?
Lab sets?
1 to 1? 1969 1990 2000 complete authentic meaningful Technology core pivotal continuously improve outcomes productivity 24/7 limitless, borderless, and instantaneous! engaging, relelvant, and personalized beyond versatile learning tool 90% 60% imagry stimulate thought lasting impressions deepen Technology Drives Me CRAZY!
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