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Rob Parson at Morgan Stanley

case study

Marta Sörös

on 1 December 2010

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Transcript of Rob Parson at Morgan Stanley

Morgan Stanley transforming into "One-Firm Firm" Capital
Services 4 characteristics of professionals Paul Nars Senior
Director identyfied differences
of MS from others companies saw a weakness Rob Parson Market
Professional interpersonal problems;
violating norms
strong revenue producer promotion system „"up or out“ he can still be permanent professional ¿QUESTION? Career development means to achieve company's goals through career management process, but also the employee's goals in the best way possible.
Evaluation and development summary strengths performance objectives professional development goals career goals promotion committee Option to create his own team Some he has already worked with or to organize external recruitment evaluation also by the committee
assessment centers and job simulationscomplete freedom in decision making Spending time with his team even outside the workplace 3 basic problems: 1. difficulty adjusting to the MS culture
2. interpersonal problems
3. violated MS norms Promotion 360 Degree
Evaluation external
(high) internal
(low) postpone his promotion ORIENTATION to company's
culture/norms Paul Nars as Rob's mentor
1. Changing attitudes about the involvement of employees
2. Improving abilities to communicate
3. Using better judgement on decisions development courses on: Assessment center
to promote him or not Summary: Ron won't be fired Problems with organizational culture -
Paul Nars will be his mentor
Job orientation Opportunity to create his own team
Changes in CMS norms Training & development
Assessment center
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