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William Wallace

No description

alex mcardle

on 3 April 2016

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Transcript of William Wallace

Probably the main thing we had to do in IRT was the Info report, it took a while but once it was off my shoulders I felt good. Here are some snippets of my Info report.

Did you know that William Wallace was never braveheart except for in Braveheart the movie? It was actually Robert the Bruce. Robert the Bruce became Braveheart when he died and his soldiers carried his "Brave Heart" in to battle with them.
When Wallace died he was hung, then drawn, then quartered, it is not a nice way to die. At the end his arms, legs and head went to different parts of England to show the Scottish who was superior.
Learning Journal
History of War in Scotland
Fine Arts
"Every man dies. Not every man lives." (Mel Gibson, Braveheart)
Today, William Wallace is one of the best known heroes that fought for his country’s independence. It can be disputed that his reputation was caused by the movie “Braveheart” in which he is seen as somewhat of a legend. After Wallace died Robert the Bruce was the main Scottish rebel.
William Wallace is one of the best, or worst (depending on how you look at it) fighters for independence that the world has ever known. He will live in all the statues and monuments erected for him. William Wallace was one of the only ones to make himself known to King Edward I and II and show them that if England wanted Scotland they would have set themselves a hard task.
Information report

Book Review
For my fiction novel I read Rebel: the Braveheart chronicles. It wasn't a very good read as it was extremely slow. Here are some of the things I wrote in my Book Review.
For my narrative I did a story about the Scottish and how they attacked an English held fort. It was called "A Battle for Life". I called it this because the story is about a battle that backfires and all the Scottish are battling for their lives.
Did you know that William Wallace could have faced up to 40 000 men at the Battle for Stirling Bridge?
Did you know that some historians believe that William Wallace faced 87 000 men at his downfall in the Battle for Falkirk?
For my Fine Arts I built a catapult, it is not massive but it is still big, it is fifty cm long by 23 cm wide by fifty cm high. The catapult arm is 73 cm long. Here is a bit of my Fine arts blurb.
In my learning journal I put many entries, at one point between week 5 and week 6 I nearly completely forgot to write in my journal. Those weeks were my busy ones. My entries were continually getting shorter. I could not find anything to write about as I would just be repeating what I said in the last time I did an entry. I found writing in my journal increasingly hard. When I did have things to write about I went blank. Here are some entries.
Here is a song by Horrible Histories, some of my fellow classmates might know it.
Thanks for watching!!
Loved IRT
Q. 1 Up to how many englishmen could there have been at the battle for Stirling Bridge?
Q. 2 Up to how many English men could there have been at the battle of Falkirk?
Q. 3 How was Wallace killed?
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