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Presentation of your book theme

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Katia Dillen

on 8 September 2015

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Transcript of Presentation of your book theme

Presentation of your book theme
4 things to do in this task:
Order of work and duration
- You work in groups of 3
- You send a message via Smsc to your teacher stating which book you want to read.
- After you've been given permission, you can start working.
- duration of the presentation: at least 10 minutes.

Look for factual information about the book's theme.
Make sure your sources are reliable and valid.
Explain how the theme is incorporated in your book. Refer to your book in which way the theme is incorporated in the story. Use examples from the book.
Make a list of all the website resources you used. Use the guidelines you can find in the booklet on "Rapporteren".
Hand in your list at your presentation.
- racial relations
- war
- problems
- coming of age
- family
- generation gap
Book theme examples:
Present your work in a Powerpoint or Prezi presentation.
Your evaluation is based on the following:
- relevancy of the information given + references to the book
- the quality of your presentation
- your pronunciation
- grammar and vocabulary
- the internet sources list
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