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OU Language Resource Center

No description

Jordan Boggs

on 6 June 2014

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Transcript of OU Language Resource Center

Gordy 011
The Fishbowl it is currently a small classroom which seats about 10. The ELIP Writing Center and Pronunciation Center are housed here
Gordy 013
Gordy 013 features 24 computers, one teacher computer, and a ceiling-to-floor projector. All computers are Intel iMacs.
Gordy 009
Gordy 009 features 24 computers, one teacher computer, and a ceiling-to-floor projector. All computers are Intel iMacs.
Gordy 012
Gordy 012 features 22 computers, one teacher computer, and a projector. All computers are Intel iMacs.
The touch-screen projector displays what is on the teacher iMac, like an ordinary projector.

What makes it different is its use of IR pens which interact with the computer like a mouse or pen. You can click, move windows, draw, and write.
Gordy 015 features a Mac Pro running a three project setup that can be used for location immersion or multi-screen projects
Gordy 015A
Linguistics Research Lab
Gordy 015A features 1 Windows PC, 5 iMacs, and 2 iMacs running Windows. It also features our home-built eye tracker.
The Fishbowl
The Language Resource Center
Gordy 115
The Open Lab
Gordy 017
Green Screen Studio
Our green screen is a floor-to-ceiling wall of green.

Video can be captured with a camera and edited later or captured with our iMac and edited on-the-fly using PhotoBooth. In PhotoBooth, the green screen can become a movie or a static image.
Our audio recording studio is a small, sound-proofed room that is excellent for capturing audio with our iMac or with your own recorder.

It is located in a side room of the Green Screen Studio.
Audio Recording Studio
Gordy 017A
Editing Room
Gordy 017E
Our editing room is a quiet nook where you can edit video or audio. We offer a top-of-the-line MacPro fitted with two screens and Final Cut for video editing and an iMac with a range of software for audio editing, as well as video editing.
The Open Lab is conveniently located on Gordy's first floor.

This is where students can go to use a computer (21 iMacs are available), check out materials that their classes may require, or check out Flip Mino video cameras.
Gordy 101
Gordy 101 is a classroom on the first floor. It features a teacher computer and projector/ELMO. It is also outfitted with cameras and microphones for observations and research.
Gordy 103
Gordy 103 contains the controls for the cameras and recording equipment in Gordy 101. Footage can be recorded onto our iMac and uploaded to Alex, our media server.
Gordy 015 features 23 computers, one teacher computer, and an Epson iWall touch-screen projector. All computers are Intel iMacs.

This room features 6 projectors including one tabletop BrightLink 485wi
Gordy 015
Touch-screen Projector
Greg Kessler's Office
The LRC director, Dr. Greg Kessler, has overall responsibility for the lab. He conducts workshops for faculty and TAs on the use of Computer Assisted Language Learning (CALL), and teaches classes on CALL in the Linguistics Department.
Gordy 017D
Gordy 018
Mike Dombroski, Audra Hilterbrand and Patrick Mose's Office
Mike, Audra and Patrick are the LRC's TAs. They provide instructional support, supervise lab workers and provide many other services to the LRC and Gordy's faculty.
The Holodeck
Coady the Interactive iMac
Coady is our digital assistant. Classroom reservations can be made via Coady.
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