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WaterAid in Mali Case Study Geography GSCE

Edexcel GSCE Case Study

Ollie Copsey

on 8 April 2013

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Transcript of WaterAid in Mali Case Study Geography GSCE

Aid project in a LEDC WaterAid in Mali Location of Mali Mali is a landlocked country in central, North Africa

It has a population of 12 million What problems
does Mali have? GNP per capita: £980

HDI score: 0.33

65% of Mali is desert of semi-desert

Only 50% of the population has access to clean drinking water

The water supply in Mali is privatised so people have to pay for their water, which means the poorest loose out. What has WaterAid
done there? WaterAid has paid for water pumps to be set up in villages accross Mali
It has trained local people to mantain the pumps
It has started education programmes to teach farmers how to manage their use of water.
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