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No description

Tom Lindley

on 12 April 2016

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Transcript of My ILP

Even Mo can't resist a GO!
An oat bar containing apple and cranberry chunks
on dried yoghurt.
Company x
The walls of the small intestine are covered in millions
of finger like projections known as villi, on the villi is micro villi.These absorb the essential nutrients and release them into the blood.It also secretes enzymes which help in digestion
Protease are released in the stomach.
Protease is an enzyme which digests the
proteins in your food.An source of protein in the breakfast bar 'GO!' is the yoghurt at the bottom of the bar.
Digestive system
Digestion starts by the chewing of food.
This starts to break the food down and increases
the surface area of the food.When you chew the food it is known as mastication.
The esophagus is a muscular tube which pushes the food from the mouth to the stomach.
The large intestine absorbs the remaining water and remaining nutrients and releases them into the blood stream.
The remaining food is released as waste
It takes approximately
48 hours, 2 days, for your
body to fully digest one meal.
This is the nutrition table
for my product 'GO!'.
This proves the oat bar is
perfect for a healthy diet
as there are a safe amount
of nutrients such as fat,
protein and carbohydrate.
This table is on the back of
the packaging, this way people know this product is healthy as well as delicious.

Fat is a good source of energy. Despite this,too much of the bad fat, saturated, could lead to type 2 diabetes, heart disease and cancer.Our product only contains 4g of it, 20%
of the recommended daily allowance.
Our breakfast bar contains 29g of carbohydrate, 10% of the recommended daily allowance. Just like fat , carbohydrate is a source of energy, a lack of it could cause low blood sugar and ketosis.
The breakfast bar provides 10% of your recommended daily allowance for calcium. Deficiency of calcium can lead to weak bones and rickets.The calcium in this bar comes from the dried yoghurt base.
The cranberries in the product are a good source of vitamin C. Vitamin C is a nutrient which helps build up the immune system and help prevent diseases such as scurvy and cancer.
Fruit and Veg
There are seven parts to a balanced diet, carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, minerals , fibre and water.We take energy from our food, known as kilojoules. Fats and carbohydrates provide our body with energy, Carbohydrates should take up 60% of out diet and fats should take up 25%.Vitamins are also vital in your diet:
A - for vision
B - for energy production and stress reduction
C - to keep skin healthy
D - to help bones and teeth
There are many effects of having an unbalanced diet both long term and short term. It can effect the body physically, emotionally and socially. The most well known and one of the main effects of an unbalanced diet is loosing or gaining weight, this will affect the body physically. It can also cause osteoporosis which makes the bones weak. Not only will the bones be weak, the body will feel drained. The brain may also not function as well as it could. Every body is different and would be affected in different ways but health and well-being will be affected by your diet.
The different enzymes used to break down different nutrients:
Lipids-The type of enzyme used to break down fats.
Protease-The type of enzyme used to break down proteins.
Carbohydrase-The type of enzyme used to break down carbohydrates.
Scientists work out the energy content of food by burning a portion of it and capturing the heat released to a known amount of water. This technique is called calorimetry. The energy content of the food is the amount of heat produced by the combustion of 1 gram of the food, and is
measured in kilojoules per gram (kJ/g).
Press the right arrow to move on and
the left one to rewind!
High in calcium and
vitamin C.

The oats are
a great source of long lasting energy.

This is the claim. It can be found
on the back of the 'Go!' bar!
Good source of


Low in fat.
A tasty and
healthy way to
start your day

It is important to put claim on your packet as it can help persuade the person to eat it and also reassure them that
it is healthy or fits their diet.Having the nutrients table next to it gives it scientific evidence that the claims are correct or not misleading.
www.go.com-what my website would be called.
The 5 main sections of this prezi would be the parts of the web-page.The apple bit as the home page and buttons linking to the other four sections: The digestive system, the claims, how to maintain a healthy diet and the nutrients table and why it is important.
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