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Pieces of Time

Short story outline

Caitlyn Smith

on 25 October 2012

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Transcript of Pieces of Time

By Caitlyn Smith Pieces of Time Main character.
Creates own world because she doesnt
fit into ours. Makes up The Keeper of Time
who is her best friend. Winter's Flashback Winter Jade Winter, while sitting at work, recalls her younger years spent playing Hide- and- Seek with The Keeper in a world much more perfect than ours. Winter's boss comes in and finds her day dreaming once again and proceeds to get onto her. Luckily it is the end of the day and Winter is able to escape her boss' wrath. Winter works at a museum in which there is a clock exhibit. This is the only reason why she works there. Winter has a fixation with clocks which becomes very evident in her imaginary world. After admiring the clock Winter goes home. Winter's Home When Winter arrives home she sits and reflects
on life. She acknowledges the fact that shes not
normal and thats why she has no friends and thats
why shes so depressed all the time. She then begins
to wonder if her world exists anymore along with
her only friend. She realizes that it cant hurt to try
and contact her friend and try to go back to that
world. The Summoning Winter sits in dark room on the floor in utter silence
surrounded by hour glasses. She sits and she thinks about her world and The Keeper. She is startled by the hour glasses all breaking and she finds The Keeper sprawled out on the floor, hat smashed and all. She compares how he looks now to how he used to look. The Keeper warns her the The Realm of Sand (her world) is no longer the cheery place that it used to be and that she might want to stay home. She demands to go and so The Keeper pops out his hat and theyre both pulled in. The Realm of Sand When Winter and The Keeper arrive in the Realm of Sand she realizes that The Keeper wasnt exaggerating. The Realm isnt at all like what it used to be. Large clock towers used to line the streets of gold and all was beautiful and peaceful. Now the clock towers are all ran down and the gold street is nothing but cobble stones. All beauty has escaped. Kali The Keeper explains to Winter that while she was away a new ruler had come to power, Kali, Goddess of Time. He also explains that she is the reason for all the trouble in the town, even the cause for all the citizens turning evil. He explains that they must find Kali and over throw her. The Search for Kali The duo must venture forth and follow the yellow haze that leasds to Kali. As they approach Kali's temple The Keeper realizes that he can't keep his secret from Winter any longer because he fears that Kali will expose him. The Keeper explains to Winter that when she left him he was angry and jealous. He seeked revenge and so he created Kali. He knew instantly that he had made mistake and that he needed Winter to come and fix it. Which explains Winter's recent flashbacks. The Keeper was calling for her. Winter forgives The Keeper and fights Kali. She calls upon the Cogs (mythical creatures, gear like. Very mean). The Cogs kill Kali and the times are turned over. Everything is back to normal. Forgiveness After all is right again in the Realm of Sands Winter realizes that she must go back to the real world and face her peers. She bids farewell to The Keeper and leaves back to her world. Farewell Winter awakes in the real world surrounded by hour glasses. She is faced with the horrible reality that she is truly mad for she had imagined the whole thing. Lays on the floor and sleeps. She awakes in the morning and heads off to work. Reality Winter is sitting at work directing people to exhibits when a familiar stranger walks up. Winter realizes the uncanny resemblance this boy has to The Keeper. So uncanny in fact that she knows it can be no other but he. He approaches her and explains that he is there to service the clock. She stands in awe, barely able to get out the directions to the clock. He turns to leave her, as he does he says Thank you, Winter and winks as he struts off down the corridor.
The End
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