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Androiding Out Loud !

This Session takes you from the very basics of Android app development to Developing games and apps for android.

Roger Correia

on 24 October 2012

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Transcript of Androiding Out Loud !

Contents Module 1 : Android Inc

o History (Android Inc, Acquisition by Google, Open Handset Alliance)

o Features (Interface, Multitasking, Apps, Hardware capabilities)

o Versions (through 1.01 to Jelly Bean)

o Google play (Android in the market)

‭Module 2 : Developing Mobile devices

o Differentiate from Desktop environments (Resources, Limitations)

o Examples (of some resources and their resources when it comes to mobile device development)

‭Module 3 : Hands On!

o OS structure (Linux kernel 2.6 - native lib - android os - apps)

o Coming from Java ? (Programming in Java, different API)

i. JAVA API and Android API

ii. Gaming Development (Physics Engines)

o XML and Project structure (manifests, resource-src-dist folders and archives etc)

o A simple program (two programs, one block game and other not yet decided)

Module 4: Scope (Google play and Amazon AppStore, Google Merchant, Business) Androiding
Loud ! ! ! ! History Android Inc was founded in California.

It operated secretly without revealing much.

Its acquisition by Google was turned out to be legend later.

OHA was formed to standardize development environments.

Android competes with Apple and Windows OS. Features 1.Touch screen features like pinching, swiping and tapping inputs.
2.Proximity, GPS, Photo sensors support.
3.Multitasking. Q2 2009 : 2.8%
Q4 2010 : 33%
Q3 2011 : 52.5%
Q2 2012 : 68%

US Markets :
Q1 2010 : 5.5%
Q2 2010 : 9%
Q3 2010 21.4% June 2011, Google said that 550,000 new Android devices were being activated every day— up from 400,000 per day a month earlier

February 27, 2012, Andy Rubin announced that Google was activating over 850,000 Android Smartphones and tablets daily.

In 2010 Android went up drastically but iOS remained unchanged, indicating Android was taking Dying breed Symbian's share. Desktop And Mobile Battery
Touch Screen
Suppose You are to develop an
Android Application "Facebook"
What would you wan't it to do
if The internet is not activated?

Is your answer an "ERROR"
message ?
Suppose you develop and application that should implement both landscape and portrait views.

You can put a button on the main menu of the application to change the view.

But wouldn’t it be good to use the sensor to do this? The Fun Part! Hands On ! •Object Oriented Paradigm
•Examples of JAVA API
•Examples of Android API over that of JAVA
•Gaming engines as APIs
Component Button TextField Container Window
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