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Mobile Apps in the Retail Industry

No description

Biyun Cheng

on 16 April 2014

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Transcript of Mobile Apps in the Retail Industry

- Retail industry & Mobile apps

- Convenience of mobile apps

- Competition & Emerging trend

- Customer concerns & Application maintenance

Mobile Apps in the Retail Industry
Thank you for your time.

Mobile Apps
What are mobile apps?
Distribution Platforms
QR codes
Retailer Specific Apps
Midland Medical Inventory Automation
"Intuit Online Payroll"- Payroll Cycle
Collect and analyze customer information
Individualize customer preferences
Starbucks’s mobile app identifies the most popular drinks
Presented to: Turner Retail Market
Presented by: Group 10 Consulting Company
Yumi Cheng; Daniel Haesler; Michael Jenkins; Beibei Zhang
April 16, 2014
Retail Industry
Emerging Trend
Customer Concerns

Purchase Merchandise from manufacturer
Sell merchandise to customers
Restock inventory
Market Products
Companies in Industry
Walmart, Target, etc.
Protection of customer privacy
Credit card information
e.g. Heartland Payment System
e.g. Trojan Malware
Daily Update
Test Application Updates
Eliminate Vulnerable Points
Add, Modify, Remove Features
Phones outnumber people

65% of shoppers look items up online before purchase

Time spent on mobile retail apps increased from 2.7 to 12.9 billion minutes
Accounting System
Emerging Trends
Concerns and Maintenance
Mobile Apps are rapidly emerging as the next key to a company’s success.
With the number of customers using mobile devices exponentially rising, there is only an upside for Turner Retail Market to take advantage of this evidently clear opportunity.
"Intuit go payment"-Purchasing& Sales Cycle

Enter time; Calculate paycheck; Calculate taxes; File tax forms
- Processing credit card payments from mobile devices
Get Paid
Purchase merchandise with their respective credit cards anywhere

More convenient purchasing cycle in the process
Perform the activities of the payroll cycle on a mobile device
Save time
Browse beforehand, inspect various merchandise, place orders
Receive electronic coupons and product information
Scan QR codes to find weekly specials
-Manage particular company’s payroll cycle
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