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Christopher Law

on 5 June 2012

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赤鱲角機場 By:Christopher Law and
Dennis Fung INTRODUCTION The Hong Kong International airport was officially opened at 1998. They had to build a new airport due to the fact that the Kai Tak airport is to small. Over the years, Kowloon has grown a lot, they wanted to expand the Kai tak airport but there was limited space. Many people has also complained about the noise pollution from the airplanes. FACTS Official name: Hong kong International Airport Opening date: July 1998 Connectivity: The Hong Kong international airport is the main stop by for Asia. It is the most important gateway to mainland China and the rest of the worldwide destinations. Total airport site: 1,255 hectares Service hours: 24 hours (whole year) It is one of the world's busiest international airport in the world. It is also the world's most busiest cargo
airports in the world. MEDIA Technology is a big part in the Hong Kong International airport. Without technology in the busiest airport in the world, technical issue would happen straight away. This issue had already happened on the first day of opening the new airport. The flight information display system had suddenly shut down which caused long delays. Everything suddenly shut down. Someone had accidentally deleted a critical database for cargo services. On that day, every single cargo had to be manually stored by hand. This was the new route to the new Hong Kong International Airport it is quite far away. It took lots of technology to just build one of the longest bridges in the world, including the largest cargo pot in the world and going through the north Lantau highway etc. The toll to going to the highway is $30, it's quite expensive due to how long it was built and how much materials it was used. It is home for (HUBS):
Air Hong Kong
Cathay Pacific
Evergreen International Airlines
Hong Kong Airlines
Hong Kong Express Airways
UPS Airlines documentary There are many famous documentaries about how the Hong Kong International airport was built and how it was pressurized by the China's government and how it must be finished by 1997 before the hand over of Hong Kong. Documentary's: Hong Kong International Airport was featured in the episode "Building Hong Kong's Airport" from Extreme Engineering. Hong Kong International Airport was featured in the episode "Hong Kong Airport" from Richard Hammond's Engineering Connections. In the episode, Hammond mostly talks about how the airport is able to withstand typhoons, and how it was built. . . Television On 22nd of August 2001, China Airlines Flight 642 crash landed the runway due the the Typhoon Sam. The plane was from Bang Kok International airport to Hong Kong. The plane rolled over and caught on fire by crashing on the runway. Three were 300 passengers, 3 people were killed and there was Injuries (44 serious, 164 minor) Media!
This was filmed by a group of people in a car while they filmed the plane crash landed. There were several websites that had displayed the video. The video was posted in one of the famous vidio sites in the world, Youtube. All planes that was landing at Kai Tak airport had to enter a hazardous flight path, having to fly close to the buildings , then leaning on a extraordinary angle to land, causing some big problems. The runway was very short, and some planes overshot the runway, falling into the sea and causing many cautions. Plus, there was only one runway available. The moment, one plane took off, another plane landed. It was a frightening scene for the pilots. After they landed, the passengers had to walk across the runway, towards the small terminal. All these were hazards, problems, Dangerous. THANK YOU FOR WATCHING !
AIRPORT A Plane flying EXTREMELY close to the buildings in Kai Tak.
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