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Fracking in North Dakota

No description

Natalya Thakur

on 7 March 2013

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Transcript of Fracking in North Dakota

Bridget Morrison & Natalya Thakur Fracking in North Dakota What is Fracking? Professor Mark Zoback - Stanford School of Earth Sciences; Geophysics
- Extracting natural gas from shale can be done safely
applicable to oil:
- Public transparency on fracking fluid information
- Better constructed wells
- Water must be disposed of properly and treated BOOM-town North Dakota - Oil jobs paying six figure salaries Strategy 1. Right to protect trade secrets
2. Energy independence
3. Revenue for infrastucture and continuing fracking Fracking (short for hydraulic fracturing) is a drilling technique which involves injecting chemicals, sand, and millions of gallons of water under high pressure directly into the ground to release natural gas in shale deposits or in oil's case the drilling is horizontal. Problem This mixture of toxins and sediment, along with any natural gas released, can leak to the surface and enter rivers and groundwater in the process. North Dakota CNN Money "Hollywood Interrupted" - Fastfood boom
- High school diploma and driver's license
- "Service" industry workers Reflection from locals: "Oil riches are a mixed blessing" GENDER - Lopsided gender ratio yields "a stifling and scary environment" for young single women
- Williston "10"
- Strippers reap benefits I. What is Fracking?
II. Stanford Professor
III. Situation in North Dakota
IV. Pros and Cons
V. More Social Ramifications
OVERVIEW PROS CONS - Economic revitalization
- Increased value of mineral riches for farmers
- Budget surplus
- "Ghost town to boom town" - Erosion of town values
- Housing problems
- Infringement on farmer ownership of land
- Environmental problems
- Doesn't seem sustainable - Does fracking pose a threat to the environment?
- Is the oil boom a net positive/negative for ND?
- Natural Gas vs. Oil drilling? Discussion
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