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Purposes of research in the creative media industries

A short presentation looking at the purposes, methods and sources of research in the creative media industries

Tim Rose

on 25 April 2013

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Transcript of Purposes of research in the creative media industries

Purposes of research (Rowe, A., 2009. Doing Media Research. P.3. BFI) “A characteristic of media studies is to delving into the background of a topic. This involves finding out about the circumstances relating to the production, distribution, marketing and
consumption of the particular part of the media you are studying.” List three reasons for research: What are the main reasons for research in the media industries? Audience research
Awareness, profiling, demographics, etc.

Market research
Competition, opportunities, threats, advertising, etc.

Production research
Budget, personnel, locations, clearances, etc. List four research methods: What are the main research methods? Primary
Qualitative List some potential sources of research Sources of research Print materials (books, journals, magazines, etc.) Website hits Research organisations Surveys/ questionnaires Reviews/ critiques List three reasons why research is so important to the media industries: So why research? To anticipate and meet the audience’s needs To understand the market and possible competition To effectively plan ahead of production
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