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things about me

No description

Kathryn Larsen

on 5 January 2015

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Transcript of things about me

Things About Me
Things I like: My Art
I like to draw a lot of things, just what comes to my mind or if I don't know what to draw I draw something I've drew before and improve it. I like to draw graffiti letters.
Things I like: my family
I live my family, my Mom, my
sister, and my dad.
Things I like:My friends
My friends are the ones who help me when I'm in trouble. Some of my friends are a little loud(gabby) but thats who they are! Shakira is my favortie!!!!!
Things I like: My Past Pets
Me and my family had a lot of fish. Then everyone got a hamster for aor birthdays.Mine only lasted a year.
Zoey Petersen
my sister!
my hamster!
Things I like: My cousin
My cousin is only 1
and a half
. she loves dogs, if you put on a dog movie then she will sit there and waits for the lunch I make for her!
I have always liked food though Sometimes I eat it to fast, Me and some of my friends would have a race of who could there milk the fastest, usually it was me.
Things I like: Writing
When I was little I would have this little note book, and try to write cursive and do my best writing.
Things I like: Mexican candy
My friends are the ones who first got me into it they would bring it to school, and they said that I should try some. Now I love Mexican candy!!!!!
Things I like: Food
Things I like:Golden coral
When ever I go there I always over eat and have extra to take home. I really love other places, but his is my favorite.
What I dislike: Messed up art
When I mess up my art I think that I could never do it, but I try again.
What I dislike: My mean sister
My sister can be so anoying and ignorant and wants everything in the world.
What I dislike: mexican ¨food¨
I like mexican candy, but mexican food I can not handle at all! My dad his a friend that is mexican but loves mexican food, so when I told him that I dont like it he went crazy.
Things I like:To Make People Laugh
when people laugh I laugh, and people also like me to laugh!
Things I dislike:Loud outside noises
When someone is outside yelling and playing really loud, or when cars are honking down the road.
Things I dislike
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