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Week 13, Lecture 1 - Review and ESL

No description

Megan Brown

on 4 April 2017

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Transcript of Week 13, Lecture 1 - Review and ESL

Share any scoring revisions you have made to your binder to receive increased points
Intro and questions
Discuss Part 5
Discuss Vocabulary Assessment and revise in groups
Talk about Vocabulary Assessment in class and strategies for future
Introduce Phonics for English Language Learners
Discuss annotated bibliography and practice with ELL article
Post on Canvas and discuss
Preview next class
Take Dyslexia previewing survey (online if you missed class)
Part 5 Hints
Start with the DSA or KIDS
Support information with 2 or more assessments
Focus on the student's spelling stage (Remember that skills build on each other)
Mainly use information from Parts 3 & 4 that supports your target skills
Choose 2-3 target skills to focus activities
Cite your sources
Include CCSS and explain if skill is above or below the grade
Vocabulary Assessment
Work with your table to figure out the correct answers to the questions

Try to explain why an answer is correct

Ask if no one at your table got the question correct

Figure out some strategies to prepare you for the final assessment
English Language Learners
Practice Annotated Bibliography
Work with your group to write an annotation for the ELL article you read for class.

Write the APA citation and write an annotation that follows the annotated bibliography guidelines

Post the annotation on the discussion board

Use the sample annotations on Canvas as a guide

Be prepared to share with the group
Check with your annotated bibliography partner to make sure that you made revisions to your APA list and have started to read the articles
Look for the logic behind your students' spellings (see charts on Canvas)
Use your knowledge of their home language(s)
Combine different explicit instruction approaches
Involve families and culture
(Helman, 2012)
Next Class:
Read Hudson article
Read Dyslexia handouts
Work on Part 5
Write one annotation for your topic (opt.)
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