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Customer Satisfaction and Stock Returns

Presentation about the effect of customer satisfaction on Stock Returns

Yory Wollerich

on 7 July 2011

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Transcript of Customer Satisfaction and Stock Returns

Satisfaction Marketing Revenue
increasing Costs
Reducing & Stock Price Do investments in Customer Satisfaction pay-off for shareholders ? Cause and Effect model Published Quarterly
in leading
American Newspapers > 300 brands > 200 firms 45 industries 12 sectors How?? Between 1996 and 2010 "Return is compensation
for Risk" Four-Factor Model Residual:
Abnormal Return 3. Small verus Big
Factor 2. High versus Low
Value-to-Book Factor 1. Market Factor 4.Momentum Factor Investors are continuously
searching for abnormal returns However, they are occasionally found Customer
Satisfaction Marketing Share-
holders Share-
holder Top 20% Lowest 20% De gevonden resultaten hebben betrekking op de Amerikaanse markt.

In welke mate zouden dezelfde uitkomsten gevonden worden als
het onderzoek in Nederland uitgevoerd zou worden? Discussie Discussie Welke maatstaf zou hier dan het meest geschikt voor zijn?
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