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Cellville Middle School

A creative analogy connecting the cell parts and their functions to those of a school. For use in a 7th grade Life Science Classroom

Zach Johnson

on 14 September 2012

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Transcript of Cellville Middle School

Welcome To
Cellville Public Middle School Cells are made up of many components called organelles.

Each organelle carries out a specific function to keep the cell alive, much like the staff here at school. Like the Principal's office,
cells need a control center,
its called the nucleus All the instructions of the cell are stored here But before you are allowed in or out you will have to get past the principal's secretary, Ms. Blanch. Much like the nuclear pores surrounding the nucleus. Mitochondria the powerhouse of the cell
much like the cafeteria makes
food to power the students Lysosomes, the Cellville Middle School's custodians Endoplasmic Reticulum Ribosomes are like the teacher. Putting together activities and lessons for the students The Hall Monitor makes sure students stay in class and strangers don't enter the school. This is similar to the job of the cell membrane. You! The students are like the cytoplasm. Cellville Middle School is a lot like our middle school. In your base groups talk about how our school is like a cell.

Who in our school acts as a cell membrane? What is their job? How is there job like a cell membrane?

Use this same model to answer questions for the nucleus, mitochonria and lysosome. Now its your turn! In partners you will be creating your own version of a cell. You cannot use a school. Be creative! What are the cell parts?
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