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Amy Evans

on 14 January 2013

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Transcript of food

British Isles Regional food resources Table etiquette Types of food The British Isles are made up of England, Scotland, Wales, the Isles of Man, the Channel Islands and Republic of Ireland. Food based festivals Traditional festivals celebrated are:

Christmas - Turkey, roast beef, ham/gammon, mince pies, mashed potatoes, stuffing, mushy peas, roast potatoes, piggy in blankets, Christmas pudding, sticky toffee pudding,

Easter - Easter eggs, roast dinner, pies (fruit)

Thanksgiving/harvest festival - Turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, roast beef.

Burns supper (Scotland) - Haggis, steak pie, mushy peas, mashed potatoes, sticky toffee pudding Some basic table etiquette from the British Isles are:

-Never lick or put your knife in your mouth
-No elbows on the table
-Don't talk with your mouth full
-Never use your fingers to put food onto your cutlery
-Don't take from your neighbors plate
-Its impolite to eat noisily
-Don't reach over someone's plate for something ask for the item to be passed

Usually families in the British Isles eat their evening meal together. On Sundays many families meet up and enjoy a Sunday lunch. Scottish food is generally made up of natural, non-spiced sources.
Some well-known, traditional dishes that come from Scotland are;Haggis, Bannocks and Scotch broth.
Haggis, the most well-known out of the three is a dish made up of sheep's or calf's offal, oatmeal, suet, boiled together in a bag.
Types of Farming

Arable (growing crops and cereals)
Pastoral(rearing and production of animals including pigs, chickens, hill farming sheep, beef and dairy cattle)
Mixed Farming (combination of Arable and Pastoral)
Horticulture (production of flowers, fruit, vegetables, or ornamental plants)
Market Gardening (production of fruit and vegetables)

Principal Crops

Sugar Beet
Oil Seed Rape
Fruits Livestock Products

Wool Fish and chips are generally brought from take away shops called 'chippies.' It is most commonly served with curry sauce, or pushy peas. Its also served with malt vinegar.
Another popular British dish is roast beef dinner, also known as Sunday lunch. This meal is made up of chicken, beef, or pork, with two vegetables, Yorkshire puddings and gravy. Wales get a lot of their food from the coast.
Laver bread, a delicacy to many individuals in Wales, has a tangy taste made from edible seaweed.
Welsh cawl, made up of lamb or beef and vegetables, served as a stew is also very popular. The best cawl is usually started on a Monday and served on a Wednesday.
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