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Creating Tests in Eduphoria

No description

Sasha Beavers

on 10 July 2015

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Transcript of Creating Tests in Eduphoria

Create a test
3. In the New Test Wizard
4. Click Next
Easier than you think
Creating Test in Eduphoria
2. Create

5. Type in title and choose grade level
Don't forget to click next!
6. Choose:
7. Build Test Key: Type in number of questions and how many answer choices for each one
Then click next
8. Enter Test Key:
Choose correct response for each item
9. Click on Finish in the bottom right corner.
10. Then this screen appears:
Step 20. Print Bubble Sheets just like benchmarks
Teachers have the ability to create their own assessments in Aware. These tests will not appear in the campus or district data in Aware. The data is only viewable for teacher data analysis.

Assessment Wizard

The Assessment Test Wizard will guide the teacher through the steps to create a test.

1. Click the Tests Tab
Select from the following options:
--Create a quick test key - use this option when you have standard bubble sheet with no griddables

--Create a new blank test - use this option when your test has griddables

--Copy an existing test - use this option to copy an existing test
Always on the bottom right hand corner.
We will do a
non-griddable example first.
Click next.
Now the fun begins!
11. If needed, change Subject Area to correct choice. Make sure Expectation Scores are set to what you want.
12. You might consider saving at this point. You just never know when technology decides to be mean and ugly.
The Save button is a tab
near the top middle.
You can also check on
the far left to make sure
your test is where you
want it to be.
13. At the top of the screen, click on the Questions tab. You will see a list where your questions should be.

As long as you are not doing online testing, there is no need to type in the actual questions. But you should see the correct answer choices on the far right.
14. Assign TEKS to each question.
Place cursor over Answer choice on far right. A pencil will appear (Magic!!)
Click that pencil and that "question" will pop up.
Choose the standards tab at the top.
And this screens appears.
Type in TEKS. Notice I have 4.1 because you have to have that 4. You do not have to type a letter. They all pop up.
Double click the TEK you want. You could also click Select Standard at the bottom of the list
The first TEK you pick will show up as the primary standard. If you want to attach another TEK (Process Standard) click the button
Select New Secondary Standard.
When you are done attaching standards to that question, click Finish in the bottom right corner.
Then you will see it attached next to the correct answer choice.
If you want to share it with your team so they do not have to create the exact same one,
Unfortunately you have to repeat this step for each question. We have found that after you do the first couple of tests, you get the hang of it and it goes faster. The whole process takes about ten minutes.
What if I have a griddable question?
Step 1. Go back to the beginning
and click on the Tests tab (far left) and then the Create a
New Test (at the bottom)
Step 2. This time choose Create a blank test.
Click Next!
Step 3. Enter title of test and pick grade level.
Click Next.
Step 4. Pick your grade level and subject.

Click next.
There is a Share button at the top.
But not really!
Step 5. Click Finish.
Step 6. Change Subject Area.
Don't forget to save!
Step 7. Click the Questions tab and then click Add Question.
Step 8. Asks what type of question you want.
The drop down menu gives four choices:
- Select Response (multiple choice)
- Numerical Response (griddable)
- Constructed Response (open ended)
-Resource (passage or graphic with it)
Step 9. If you choose Selected Response, it is similiar that we have already shown you.
Step 10.
Click the Standards tab.

Type in TEK you want attached to that question.

Double click the TEK.
Step 11. The TEK will show up and you will be given a chance to add a second one if you want.
Step 12. Click Finish
And the question will show up.
Step 13. Click Add Question again.
Step 14. This time we will select Numerical Response (griddable).
You will have to type in the correct answer.
Step 15. Click Standards tab and add TEKS to each question, just like before. Don't forget the secondary standard option.
Step 16.
Click Finish.

Step 17. Repeat for all test questions.
Don't forget to save often.
Step 18. Share your tests with your team.
The button is on the top right
Step 19. It's easy to search for them. Then just click Send Test.
Thank you for joining us today.

If you have any questions, you can send us an email.

April Anguiano -- aanguiano@ems-isd.net

Sasha Beavers --sbeavers@ems-isd.net
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