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Verve! Training

This is for those Brand Partners that are ready to take the business seriously. This will help you in your journey

Diego Avila

on 23 December 2012

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Transcript of Verve! Training

V mma Team Familia Road Map to Diamond How Bad Do You Want It?? The Magic of Part-Time Speech and Compensation Practice Getting
Started Eric Thomas: The Hip-Hop Preacher #YPR Goals: Define your WHY: Write this out. Goal by the end of the week: Goal by 30 Days: Goal by 90 Days: Goal by 60 Days: "How bad do you want it?" First 15 Minutes in Vemma Contact List: Make a list of everyone that
you want to talk to. Stay quiet and invite the right
way to the events! refer to the "first 15 minutes" video. For skeptical parents: Also visit: http://yprparents.com/ If you treat this like a hobby, it will pay you like a hobby. If you treat this like a million dollar business, it will pay you like a million dollar business. Do Your Research! http://www.vemma.com/ http://vervedreamteam.com/ http://www.youtube.com/user/VerveEnergy http://clubverve.weebly.com/ Part-time Personal Development Expert Jim Rohn Time: 1:05:24...WORTH IT! Philosophies are key! Professionalism Brand Partners: Bring Verve! to meetings for your prospects "Haters gon' hate" do not get in arguments on Facebook Remain professional so as not to hurt the company's reputation...
common sense. Please do not talk/leave during presentations. Always keep a positive attitude and be a motivator Be the leader you would like to have Leadership Network Marketing Professional: Eric Worre Do not post checks on Facebook, only post app screen shots! Golden Circle Be at every meeting even if you have no prospects attending Simon Sinek Stay Plugged In! We are in the business of duplication. If you are not actively seeking guidance and learning how the business works, you will be unable to duplicate it. Leaders: Nick Ptak - nickptak07 - (602) 625-0329 Zach Babiarz - zbabiarz07 - (603) 802-2269 Name - Skype Name - Phone Number Diego Avila - diego.avilaverve - (513) 259-3953 Clayton Rufft - clayton.rufft1 - (513) 748-0392 Connor Schaeper - connor3961- (513)295-9054 Jesse Gorsek - j.gorsek93 - (513) 503-0832 Ryan Young - ralyyoung - (614) 517-6859 Evan Pfirrman - evan.pfirrman1 - (513) 543-7093 Throw away your blame list Eric Worre: NMPRO If you're struggling. You're either going to make excuses or make money, your choice. Make up in numbers what you lack in skill. Part Time: Talk to 3-5 NEW people a DAY Full Time: Talk to 7-14 NEW people a DAY Every NO is one step Closer to a YES! If you are not talking to at least 3 NEW people a DAY do not complain about your business. Password: Sooner2012 Keys to practicing speech: Be sure to be present at EVENTS: Even if none of your prospects are present, it is very important for you to be present to learn how to talk about the company. Ask to get up there in the beginning of the event to share your story: Practicing your story and making sure you explain how and WHY you joined the company. It should be max 2-3 minutes. Be excited! Remember, the reason you joined this business was the leaders that gave the presentation you saw GOT YOU PUMPED! So just allow that excitement to come through! This is what we are about Vemma Team Familia #VTF Be punctual, it is very important for you to be on time if you're Brand Partner #VTF Compensation Plan #VTF Part #1 Part #2 Learn This Stuff!!!
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