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Prosem Development April 25

late adulthood part 3; Death & Dying

Cyndy Scheibe

on 25 April 2016

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Transcript of Prosem Development April 25

Proseminar in Development
do we do
what we do,
and become who we are?

When and how
age matter

at risk
, and
what can go wrong?

Why does it matter,
what can we do about it?

Rough draft
meetings with me
>> be sure to submit paper to
Meetings with Dr. C
>> meetings with Dr. C about rough draft:
May 2 - 10 (or earlier)

schedule and

with Dr. C:
- April 28 (3 pm) - May 4 (10 am)
- sign up through Sakai

* Reminders:
Exam #3
- Wednesday, April 27

Online Review Session
: Tuesday, 7-8 pm
How do we know
what we know?

How do children typically learn about death?
How can we talk with children about death and dying?
Understanding Death & Dying
Remaining Schedule
Wednesday, April 27

Exam #3

Thursday, April 28-
Meetings with Dr. C - presentations

Wednesday, May 4

Monday, May 2
Returning exams, Study Guide for final
Describe identity charts & MVC paper

Presentations & Posters
Course evaluations

Wednesday, May 4

Presentations & Posters

Monday, May 2 -
Meetings with Dr. C - rough drafts

Tuesday, May 10

Monday, May 9

10:30 - 11:45 am
Final test & Final exam

11:45 am - 1:00 pm
My Virtual Child
(required) refreshments;
sharing about our children;
posters & identity charts

Friday, May 13
Final papers due by 5 pm
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