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북경 여행

No description

heewon lee

on 10 September 2013

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Transcript of 북경 여행

The overseas
inquiry in Beijing Geukkai kkeo 자동차 기계공학부The automotive
mechanical engineering
200970022 배성민Bae sungmin
200970039 임진환Lim jinhwan
간호학과The department of nursing science
201242013 Kim jueun김주은
201242032 이희원Lee heewon 富国海底世界 The Olympics
street The second day The Great Wall The structure which JinsiHwangje makes
for the invasion of the Hyungnojok
of the northern region It is famous for the summer
cottage of Seotaehu. Yiheyuan The front square of the stadium was made in 2008 Beijing Olympic game Golen Mask Dynasty Of the war with China legend
heart romantic story, one’s master,
below the moon,
composed of 8 films,
it has the splendid stage constitution. Tian'anmen Square Beijing’s old commercial street temple of heaven the third day the constriction space of chinese in 10,000 history capital mesuem the imperioal palace of the Myeng and Qing Dynasty age forbidden castle Shi cha hai 798 Art District The last day There are chinese
traditional temple
residential areas. Thank U The first meal Wángfujng The first day Kimhae international airport
start : KE847-8:10 Beijing boasts most of an equipment The undersea tunnel of Asian maximum length, after a while. Wángfujing It is originated the name of the well of imperial household China tradition circus The place where old emperor pray for the good harvest it takes the large portrait of Mo Taek-dong It turn off a popularity
while the artists get together
at the lungs factory
begin to make a work
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