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March 15 aka

No description

asiya brown

on 27 October 2015

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Transcript of March 15 aka

March 15 aka
Best Day EVER!!!

Andrew Jackson 1767
Us General
7th president
Presidential Term: 4th March, 1829 - 4th March, 1837
Battle at Horseshoe Bend: General Andrew Jackson defeats the Red Sticks, part of the Creek Indian tribe near Dadeville, Alabama
Eva Longoria 1975
American actress
Romanos II 938
died on his birthday
Byzantine emperor
son of Constantine VII Porphyrogenitus
Kim Rave 1969
American actress
Fine arts graduate of Boston University
Played Dr.Teddy Altman on Grey's Anatomy

Denise Jeri 1948
Best Grandmother in the world
born, raised and live in New York
Retired High School Counselor
World Traveler
Gabrielle Solis on the ABC television series "Desperate Housewives".
Vietnam war 1973
President Nixon hints that the United States might intervene again in Vietnam to prevent communist violations of the truce.
American Revolution 1783
General George Washington makes a surprise appearance at an assembly of army officers at Newburgh, New York, to calm the growing frustration and distrust they had been openly expressing towards Congress
Lead Story 1965
Johnson went to congress about the law for equal voting rights
wasn't signed until August 6, 1965
Crime 44B.C
murdered by his own senators at a meeting
The conspiracy against Caesar encompassed as many as sixty noblemen, including Caesar’s own protege, Marcus Brutus.
World War II 1939
Hitler’s forces invade and occupy Czechoslovakia
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