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Shrek Hero's Journey

No description

Allison Russell

on 7 December 2012

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Transcript of Shrek Hero's Journey

By: Alli Russell Shreks Hero's Journey Shreks Backround Returning home Shrek is a big ogre who is used to being in a isolated and private area (his swap). He never associates with any other creatures besides himself. He's rude, ill-mannered, and self centered. Shrek is feared, but not many know of him. A bunch of fairy tale creatures invade Shreks swamp. He goes to Lord Faquad about the issue. Lord Farquad gets all his knights to try and defeat Shrek. After Shrek defeats all the knights Lord Farquad gives Shrek an agreement. If he saves Princess Fiona from the castle, he can get his swamp and privacy back. Call To Action Lord Farquad gives him the offer after he fights all of his knights. Shrek insisted that he could get rid of the creatures himself. Refusal of the Call Donkey is Shreks mentor because he helps Shrek do things he is hesitant to do. He helps Shrek rescue Fiona from the castle and from the dragon. Also he helps Shrek confess his love for Fiona. Mentor Lord Farquad tries to marry Fiona, Shrek stops the wedding with Dragon and Donkeys help. She turns into an ogre and goes to be with Shrek at his swamp. Crossing the Threshold He decides to take Lord Farquads offer and save Princess Fiona from the castle, So he can get the fairytale creatures from his swap and get his property back. Belly of the Whale In Shreks newly founded world there are new creatures he has to associate with. Princesses, pigs, Gingerbread men, and puppets. Theres also Lord Farquads castle surrounded by lava. Trials - Shrek has to defeat Lord Farquad's knights.
-Shrek and Donkey have to cross the rickety bridge above the hot lava to get to the castle.
-Shrek & Donkey have to defeat the Dragon to get to Fiona.
-Fiona, Shrek, & Donkey have to defeat the robbers in the forest. Temptations & Shadows -Shrek is very rude and unfriendly to Fiona when he finds her.
-He is tempted to give up his swamp because he loves Fiona. Heroic Battle -Shrek Battles the dragon to get to Fiona, then helps carry Donkey & Fiona to safety. The Ultimate Boon Shrek returns to Lord Farquads castle with Fiona to get his swamp back. Lesson For Humanity "Don't Judge a book by its cover" ....
even though Shrek is an ogre. He still risks his life to save Fiona and even though Fiona turns into an ogre, she is still a princess and a nice person. Citations "The Hero's Journey - Using Shrek as an Example." The Hero's Journey - Using Shrek as an Example. N.p., n.d. Web. 06 Dec. 2012.

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