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Penicillin By Daisy Freeman

By Daisy Freeman

Elizabeth Harris

on 8 September 2015

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Transcript of Penicillin By Daisy Freeman

How is Penicillin important to the world
Alexander Flemming was a Scottish scientist. One day after his holiday, he came back to his lab in London. He found some dirty petrie dishes and realized that one of them had bacteria killing mould on them. He named it penicillin. He eventually got bored of it and left it. In 1938, Howard Florey, an Australian scientist, thought he had to explore this more. He demanded more mould but never found the right mould. Until one day, the local market sent a rock melon with mould growing over it. Within a few years the worlds first antibiotic was made.
Why is Penicillin important to Australians
Penicillin is likely used by half of Australian's this very moment, for Howard Florey this has caused long lasting changes in Australia today. this also made Australians think better about themselves, because they know that there is something significant in Australian medical history. Without Howard Florey and penicillin most of Australia would not be alive today. Because of Howard Florey ,Penicillin has helped Australia develop as a nation by. Giving Australians a better academic chance, in medicine.
Before 1950, the medical world was a different place. Back then, if you were sick, nothing in the medical world would be able to help you. But some people wanted to change that.
Before 1950
By Daisy Freeman
Antibiotics: 19/03/2013, Behind the News-ABC
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