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Tanko Lighting Flow Chart

No description

Richard Manuli III

on 5 May 2016

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Transcript of Tanko Lighting Flow Chart

Tanko Lighting Flow Chart


Tanko Sales Team
RFP Search
RFP's/ Acquisition
Request for Proposal
Found using Bid searching tools
Will provide an example RFP for municipalities who are on the fence about a project.

Tanko's Motto: "Always willing to compete"

Acquisition Process
Performed successful Turn-Key Projects in 10 separate markets.
Team effort with decision makers of distinguished municipalities to talk with utility.
States are slowly passing laws mandating acquisitions
At times the longest process of the Turn Key Process.
Data Management
Before performing the Turn Key Process we highly recommend an Audit
Find in every scenario lights being paid for that aren't there, wrong fixtures in certain areas, and match our records agasint the utility
Pull 30 unique pieces of data from every standing fixture.
Project Management
LED TurnKey System
GraybaR & Tanko's Realtionship

GraybaR is Tanko's sole distributor.
Weekly update meeting with teams spread across the US.
GraybaR performs preliminary phone calls with municipalities.
GraybaR provides fixture specs and price quote for projects.

Tanko Sales Team
Joe Bollinger (Sales Director)
Lead Financial Analyst
Develops relationships with both municipalities and Graybar.
Leading the charge in the Northeast of the US.

Alex Wurzel (Sales Associate )
Financial Analyst
Growing and Teaching Graybar Sales Teams
Leading charge in the Southwest of the US.

Rich (Sales Coordinator)
Financial Analyst
Coordinates Municipality Proposals
Establishing Emerging Markets
RFP Search
Utilize two separate bid searching tools: BidSync & BidPrime
Focus around 4-5 hours a week between the sales team looking for leads.
References / Other
Attend conferences: NYCOM, League of Cities, and Lighting Expos.
Use current relationships to help foster new relationships
Target municipalities close in geographical area to show first hand the work completed.
RFP Process
Sole Sourcing
Process used when municipalities are 100% confident in the project we plan to perform.
Award Tanko the project without RFP Process
RFP process lags the Turn Key Results an average of six months resulting in higher missed opportunity costs.
What goes on during audits.
Point of Contact:
Kristian Reyes
Sales Team
Crunches initial inventory provided.
Built Financial Analysis with all requirements made in RFP.
Incorporate an individual price quote from GraybaR.
Clare Bressani-Tanko ( Owner)
Oversees all aspects of the proposals.
Experience writing over 100 RFP responses.
Finalizes every individual RFP sent otu.
Jason Tanko (Owner)
Oversees all aspects of the proposals.
Focuses on the design of the project and lighting specs for every project.
15 years of Electric Engineering Experience
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