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hartwick present

Presentation on foreseeable future

JOhn Sheridan

on 1 November 2011

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Transcript of hartwick present

Foreseeable future of liberal arts college libraries Institutional Repository Student work
Faculty research
Global reach
open access Learning Commons centered on:
learning 4 stages Discovery 1 launch 2 process/internalize 3 produce 4 confident & competent It's that one minute out of fifty-nine [minutes], when you find that one gem on the shelf that makes the act of browsing not only effective but absolutely vital to many researchers. Engel, Debra and Karen Antell. “The Life of the Mind: A Study of Faculty Spaces in Academic Libraries.” College & Research Libraries 65 (January, 2004): 8-26 serendipity Liberal Arts in Practice
curriculum "personal responsibility and collaborative relationships" "effective and contributing citizens
to the world of their future" John Sheridan April 30, 2010 http://wp.nmc.org/horizon2010/ <1 Year : Mobile Computing
<1 Year: Open Content
>2<3 Years: Electronic Books
>2<3 Years: Simple Augmented Reality
>4<5 Years: Gesture-Based Computing
>4<5 Years: Visual Data Analysis
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