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SSG 4-20

K&J show to SSG re: the issues we all face and some things we learned at Seycove.

Joe Campbell

on 20 April 2010

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Transcript of SSG 4-20

1. Create a Sense of Urgency

2. Get together with a group who has the power to effect change

3. Develop a vision

4. Gain broader base by communicating the vision

5. Get rid of Barriers and Obstacles (personel/structure)

6. Generate the "here's where we're going" statement.

7. Consolidate Gains

8. Anchor Cultural Shifts Change Process Dialogue Attendance/Assessment 1.







8. Consolidate Gains Develop a vision Here's the things we're struggling with... and I know we're not alone. Education has not changed in a century We all want
to change but.. We've all
failure. Complacency replaces success What's been happening at Seycove? What happens when you try to change the system?

Where did it go wrong? What stage did it go off the rails? Think of a change initiative (big or small) that did not succeed like you wanted. Think of a change initiative (big or small) that did succeed!

Why did it work? What stories can you tell about this? What do we have to do to be Leaders not only Managers How can we move forward? We've all experienced failure. What now? 1.
Adam Baumann
Olga Woodland
Audrey Van Alstyne
Laurie Martin
Barb Leigh

Brad Baker
Joanne Robertson
Scott Bennett
David Overgaard
Maureen Stanger 3.
Michael Kee
Brenda Gilby
John McGowan
Michele Henderson
Jeremy Church

Greg Hockley
Kathleen Barter
Marcia Garries
Tim Jones
Jeff Hasenauer
Mark Lefroy
Mark James
Renee Hislop
Liz Bell
Steve Garland
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