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10 Characteristics of Effective Power Point Slides

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Laural Garrette

on 4 November 2013

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Transcript of 10 Characteristics of Effective Power Point Slides

Marketing Technology Applications
Madison College
Presentation Techniques
Laural Garrette
October 27, 2013
How can people "Die" by Power Point?
Because they get "Bored to Death".

How to prevent people from "Dying" by Power Point?
By making sure your data and information has significance
By making sure that your Power Points have structure
By keeping your presentations simple
By practicing and rehearsing your presentations



http://:www.spec.org/authors/doc/presentation.pdf/Creating and Making an Effective Presentation

The Seven Deadly Sins of Powerpoint Presentations
Dr. Joseph Summerville

designed by Péter Puklus for Prezi
10 Characteristics of Effective Power Point Slides
Slides help your listeners and move the toward your ideas
All slides should match the current topic
Slides need to communicate your points
Don't fill your slides up with clip art
Limit the information on slides to a single idea
Minimize the number of slides Less is more
Slides can help create a mental an environment of your presentation
Don't put your company logos on slides it only distracts from the subject matter
The purpose of your slides are to emphasize key points
Credit the sources of stats and or data you use
10 Characteristics of Effective Power Point Presentation Techniques
Be prepared Rehearse your presentation
Show up early and verify that your equipment is working properly
Use a font your audience can read at a distance
Keep your presentation simple
Do not read the presentation Practice often
Stay on schedule and move at a steady pace
Avoid moving the pointer unconsciously
Try to hold questions until the end so everyone can receive accurate information
Be sure resolutions, colors and backgrounds are the same as when you created the presentation
Observe the audience It's great feedback
Seven Deadly Sins of Power Point Presentations
Avoid unnecessary transitions & sound effects
Avoid using to much clip art Be creative
Avoid pre-packaged templates try to be original
Avoid heavy text slides Keep it simple
Use a font that audience can read from a distance
Do not read the slides Speak to the audience
Always be prepared and have a back up plan
What would you tell another student about how to give an
effective presentation using Power Point?

I would ask them to picture themselves as part of an audience
and try to create the power point in the way they themselves
would like to receive information.
The Importance
of Color
Color- has a huge effect on your presentation. Color can set the mood, stir up emotions or attitudes in your audience. The way you use them in your presentation can help express your ideas or points.
You should use colors that complement each other. Colors that do not match with each other can make your slides difficult to look at and you will lose your audience
Life after Death by Power Point
Death by Power Point
Life After Death by Power Point Don McMillan

Death by Power Point Learning Developer
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