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No description

Max Stumpf

on 14 May 2010

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Transcript of Presintation

Hey guys this is my ion and my mom bought it for me. The Smart Parts Ion is genrally the worst paintball marker in the tournement scene, They are cheap, unreliable, and owned by 10 year old kids who genrally are garbage players and are all talk with there used $75 toy. Dont but a ion, EVER! The company that makes it along with sevral other guns is going out of buissness beacause all the make is cheap crap. <- This Belongs in there -> Ions have ugly colors, and
it only shoots 13bps out of
the box that is a misrable
dissapointment. Some
people invest up to $1000 in
thier ions, and they still wont
shoot as good as a $400 gun. This is just a joke. ION!
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