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Andrew Baldridge

on 1 March 2016

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Transcript of College

Tuition Rates
Starting Early
Running Start
Seattle Central College
1–10 credits $106.84
11–18 credits $52.99
19–25 credits (academic) $96.26
19 and above credits (vocational) $14.45
12 $1,174.38
13 $1,227.37
14 $1,280.36
15 $1,333.35
5 $534.20
6 $641.04
7 $747.88
8 $854.72
9 $961.56
10 $1,068.40
Est. 1966
Gain college credits while also completing your high school classes
Tuition-free credits
Compass test required to qualify
Beginning your college career early
Saves hundreds or thousands of dollars in tuition
Advanced and challenging college classes
Better prepared for college
Seattle Central College
Financial Aid Options
Applying for Financial Aid
First of all, the FAFSA must be filled out to qualify for aid
Meet with our financial aid officials and discuss options for necessary funds and future payment plans
Part-time students can still qualify for financial aid
Ways To Pay For Tuition
There are multiple options to help pay for your education
Student loans
Payment plans
College Bound

Compare Our Tuition Rates
And Save
12 - 18 $12,394
*These tuition amounts are based on full year prices of a regular full time student for the 2014-2015 scholastic year
eattle Central College
Western Washington University
Washington State University
University of Washington (Seattle)
Seattle University

10 - 18 $7,503
Credits WA Resident
10 - 18 $11,396
12 - 16 $3,891
12 - 18 $37,485
Some Benefits of Enrolling
Small class sizes (22 students per 1 professor on average) allows a better student-teacher relationship
Save thousands of dollars by finishing the same classes at Seattle Central you will take at a university
Get involved on campus with over 60 student clubs, or create your own
A wide array of Associate and Technical degrees
o Culinary
o Graphic Design
o Nursing
o Associate Transfer Degrees
o Many more.....
Programs of Study

22 - Associate Degree Programs


16 - Certificate Programs
Transfer degrees

7 - Associate Degree Programs

Four Year degrees

2 - Bachelor's Degrees
Degrees and Certificates
Total value of awards disbursed*
Funds awarded
Grants $13,002,220

Loans (government and private) $1,293,885

Scholarships (Foundation) $426,708

Worker retraining funds $309,473

Federal/state work study positions $426,647

Awards from outside agencies
*All figures are for the 2012-13 Academic Year.
Items You Could Potentially Purchase With Money Saved
With the four universities compared previously, the average amount of tuition money saved annually by attending Seattle Central College is estimated at
Location, Location, Location
If you are looking for the right campus for you, look no further.....
One of the two Washington State community colleges found in an urban setting; Washington State has 34 different community colleges
Earn your degree in the heart of Capital Hill, a center for business, political activism, and entertainment
Our location allows the working student an easy commute from work to school, or vice versa
Why Community College?
With a world of college possibilities and increasing tuition costs, a decision on your future is hard to make
Often, it is hard to know what you want your future career will be
A wrong choice in schools or degree path can be a very costly mistake at a 4 year university
Is a traditional degree even the right choice for you?
Benefits of Attending Community College
When deciding how you should approach your education, a community college is an excellent start
Get a feel for how higher education fits with your learning style
We offer a wide variety of degrees and certificates; ranging from associates, Professional/technical, and sometimes even bachelors
Save THOUSANDS of dollars on tuition and build a low or debt free foundation for your future
Often times, professors at community colleges also teach at four year universities
and so much more.......
Professional Technical Degrees & Certificates
Placement rates continue to rise with Professional Technical Degrees
Technical degrees that are often offered at community colleges are becoming increasingly valuable
The job placement rate is high; some professional technical programs boast upwards of 90% of students get jobs right out of school
While working with officials with real world experience, often times individuals are put into a hands-on learning experience
Opportunities for Leadership Experience
Student leadership is an excellent way to give back to your peers
Leadership is a great resume builder as well as a great experience
Seattle Central boasts over 60 different student clubs and growing
o None that interest you? Start your own!
Work to help improve campus by applying to a student leadership group, like the Outreach team (CORT) or activities board (CAB)
Get involved in public service, and give back to the city of Seattle
A Diverse Community
Seattle Central prides itself with our diversity
81 Countries are represented at the college
With for 2,100 international students currently enrolled
Here are our top ten most enrolled countries
Transfer Degrees
Associate of Science
Associate of Arts
Associate of Business
Seattle Central College
Begin your college career at Seattle Central. You want to earn a bachelor's degree. Start here.
Credit load per Quarter, with three quarters making a full scholastic year
To compare prices of tuition, we chose the four most common universities our students transfer to
To put this is perspective, here are some things you can purchase with your saving:
1 - 2015 Kia Rio - $16,600
38 - Playstation 4s with destiny bundle
2460 - Big Mac meals
Steps for Admission
1. Fill out your application
2. Plan your funding
3. Take your placement test
4. Register for classes
5. Pay for school and begin classes
Tech Prep
Gain college credits while still in your high school
Tech Prep prepares students for high-skill, high-wage careers
Tuition-free credits
3.0 GPA or higher required to gain credit
Student Services Available at Seattle Central College
Two on-campus tutoring labs
Disability support services
Veteran services center
Career services center
And much more....
Pre - College Courses
English as a Second Language (ESL) courses

ABE and GED courses
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