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No description

Aqdas Kamal

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of LBI

Marketing Tactics PEOPLE AGAINST ILLITERACY The Issue 4Ps : Illiteracy The Project: People Against Illiteracy Our Business:Recycled Stationery The idea : Our Product is recycled stationery .By going green we aim to bring a change to a "polluted society".

The profits made from the sales of the stationery items will be invested by the company in educational schemes and NGOs that fight against illiteracy Target Market
Educational Institutes
Offices Market Research Primary Market Research A Primary Market Research was conducted using:

Survey Monkey
1 -1 interviews with the general public Results: Secondary Market Research Our Main Competitors:
Faber Castell Product Price Place Promotion Recycled Stationery Items:
Files Prices will vary from item to item
Some of the prices are given below:

Pencil : Rs 35
Pen : Rs 150
Notebook (175 pages) :Rs 200
Pencil Sharpener: Rs:20 The production unit will be set up at Sheikupura

We intend to open a retail store at Lahore during our first year of business and one at Islamabad the following year TV Commercials
Visiting Educational Institutes SWOT Analysis Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats Eco-Friendly
For a good cause
Unique Idea
Start up costs are low
Market is always expanding High Competition Can expand on a global scale Finance It will take time to capture market Why Us?
Our Businesss is making an effort to stop illiteracy


Our Products are Eco-Friendly

Where Do the Profits Go? Educational Projects
NGOs/Organizations that fight illiteracy Invested back in the company % % Financial Report Sources of Finance INVESTORS Must invest at least Rs 150,000. Investors will recoup the money invested, but cannot take any dividend beyond that point FOUNDING PARTNERS Each founding partner will invest Rs 1/2 million and wont receive any dividend beyond what they have invested Bank Loans We aim to take two bank loans each of Rs 1.5 million A Project of Mission Statement:We aim to use our business as a tool to fight illiteracy and make our society a less polluted one
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