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US Staff Exchange in pictures

For more info visit: www.thewanderinglibrarian.blogspot.com/ (CPD23 Things Blog)

Phil S

on 22 October 2014

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Transcript of US Staff Exchange in pictures

Grand Valley State University – Public Liberal Arts
Grand Valley State University
Location: Michigan
The University of Wisconsin
Location: Madison
Student Population: 42,099 students
Type: Public Research University
The University of Chicago
Location: Illinois
Student Population: 15,000 students
Type: Private Research University
The Great Lakes
Grand Valley State University
Grand Valley State University
Grand Valley State University
Grand Rapids Public Library
GRPL Main Branch
The University of Wisconsin
Memorial Library, Madison Campus
The University of Wisconsin
Memorial Library Special Collections
The University of Wisconsin
Wisconsin Historical Society Library
The University of Wisconsin
MERIT Library (Media, Educational
Resources & Information Technology)
The University of Wisconsin
Memorial Library interactive
digital displays & signage
The University of Wisconsin
College Library, Madison Campus
The University of Chicago
The Joe & Rika Mansueto Library
The University of Chicago
The University of Chicago
The University of Chicago
The University of Chicago
Chicago Public Library
The Harper Memorial Library
The Joseph Regenstein Library
The Harper Memorial Library
Automated Storage & Retrieval System (ASRS)
Students are also offered the chance to study
part of their course at GVSU
The Scheme aims to create links between
departments and to further international objectives
2012 marked the 25th year of the Exchange Scheme
GVSU and KU offer development grants for short
staff exchanges
Staff Exchange Scheme
The Harold Washington Library
Roosevelt University, Chicago
Auditorium (Murray-Green) Library
D'Angelo Law Library
For more info contact:
Grand Rapids
Grand Valley State University
The Memorial Library is the
of largest of 40 (forty!) libraries
on the Madison Campus.
The library contains some
3 million volumes in over 350
These stacks are known as "the
spooky area of the library"!!
The MERIT Library offers a range of
support to staff and to students for their teaching activities (or "Instruction" as it is called in the US).
The library includes a Design Consulting
Service and equipment for loan, such as iPads.
The College Library is the undergraduate part of the University of Wisconsin (predominantly a research institution).
It includes the Wisconsin Collaboratory for Enhanced Learning (WisCEL) centre which offers multi-use space and technology to aid peer-to-peer learning.
The library also includes a
DesignLab to help students
with smart media, such as
podcasts, theory comix and
video essays:
There is a Media Studio
too where students can
work on collaborative
The University of Wisconsin manages to synchronise both digital and physical signage to great effect in its libraries.
Many of the digital displays are touch screens, giving directions and other useful information about the buildings.
This double elephant folio was the centerpiece of a big books exhibition at the Memorial Library.
The work is entitled 'Birds of America' by celebrated ornithologist and painter John James Audobon.
Other collections include records of stem cell research at the University and reactions to this work.
There is more information about these collections here:
The library forms a key part of the
Historical Society's work in
educating people about North
American History, with a collection
of some 4 million items.
The Society also operates a
Museum and Press, also both
located in Madison.
This is the ingenious clockwork writing desk of Scottish-American engineer, naturalist and Wisconsin Alumni John Muir...
The Mansueto Library includes a
state of the art preservation and
digitisation facility, featuring fume
hoods for chemical treatment and
paper washing sinks.
This $80 million (£50 mill.) extension to the Regenstein Library opened in May 2011.
The remarkable structure is effectively floating upon water as it extends some 75 feet below ground. A 30-inch slurry wall keeps the basement dry, while temperature & humidity are carefully controlled by computer at all times....
This is the University of Chicago's
main library, containing 4.5
million print volumes.
The building underwent significant
refurbishment work in Summer 2011,
including the sprucing up of the
much-loved 'Ex Libris* Café' -
run solely by students since 1971...
*The Ex Libris Library Management company is also based in Chicago but (perhaps surprisingly!) the two are in no way connected!
The Regenstein is one of 6 libraries on
the site, which is known as the
Hyde Park Campus.
The Mansueto Library's books are all
kept in this massive robotic storage
facility in the basement which has a
capacity of 3.5 million items (approx.).
Up to 100 items are assigned to each
box. When an item is requested, the box
is "fetched" by 50 feet tall cranes which
run along each of the 12 rows of shelving.
The unit is the largest in the
USA and holds 24,000 boxes.
Built in the 1950s, this library
underwent major renovation
work in 1987 and again in
It also houses the Student
Services Department.
Barack Obama worked
here as a Senior Law
Lecturer between 1992
& 2004.
In 2009, the building
reopened as a Commons
(it no longer has a
circulating collection) and
now opens 24 hours during
term time.
This magnificent reading
room is part of the Arley D.
Cathey Learning Center.
The building celebrated
its Centenary last June....
This library is hidden away
on the 10th floor of one of
the City's grandest buildings,
which also houses The
Chicago Theatre.
Chicago's main public library
opened in 1991, following
a design competition for the
$144 (£90) million project...
The building is 10 floors tall and 756,640 square feet in area.
There is info about the
University's archive here:
Map by Daniel Dalet, D-maps.com (used here for education/research purposes only). Available at:
Lake Michigan
Grand Valley State University
University of Wisconsin-Madison
University of Chicago
GVSU Staff Exchange 2012
Grand Valley State University
Type: Public Liberal Arts University
Student Population: 24,662
Location: Michigan
Grand Valley State University
Allendale Campus
Grand Valley State University
Allendale Campus: Zumberge Library
Grand Valley State University
Pew Campus
Grand Valley State University
Grand Valley State University
Pew Campus, Steelcase Library
Cook-DeVos Building (Health Sciences)
Frey Foundation Learning Center, Cook-DeVos Building
Grand Valley State University
Curriculum Materials Library, Pew Campus
Grand Rapids Public Library
GRPL Main Branch
Grand Valley State University
Mary Idema Pew Library - Opening 2013
Grand Valley State University (2012) Architectural rendering of the North Plaza. Available at: http://www.gvsu.edu/giving/mary-idema-pew-library-learning-and-information-commons-8.htm [Accessed 24.8.12]
GVSU's Allendale Campus is
a massive 1,250 acres...
More info here: http://bit.ly/QsCicI
The main branch of Grand Rapids
Public Library dates back to 1904 and
took the Victoria and Albert Museum
as its inspiration... http://bit.ly/MXJkES
The Pew Campus is located in
the centre of Grand Rapids.
It is home to Business, Health
and Engineering faculties as well
as student Halls of Residence.
The Steelcase Library opened in the year
2000 and was the 3rd library in America
to install an Automated Storage & Retrieval System (ASRS).
The grand reading room
includes this 'Cabinet of Wonders'!
The Curriculum Materials Library
(CML) is located directly above the Steelcase Library.
The CML is similar to our own
Teaching Resources collection,
with a range of story books,
puppets, kits and artifacts...
Pew Grand Rapids Campus
The Frey Center is located on
Grand Rapids "Medical Mile" where many of the City's hospitals, clinics and research centres are based...
The Zumberge library
is GVSU's main library building, housing over 650,000 volumes.
The University Provost's Office is
located in the basement of the
5-storey building...
GVSU's population has grown
to over 8 times the 3,000 students
it had in 1962 when the Zumberge was built...
The new "Learning and
Information Commons"
is under construction and
is set to open next Autumn.
Grand Valley State University
Allendale Campus: Seidman House
Seidman House is a converted
Student Union building which now houses GVSU's Archives and Special Collections.
The collection includes wood
engravings, Publishers'
Decorative Bindings and
around 600 map back books...
Grand Valley State University
Pride of place in the Seidman House Collection is an Archive of
30,000 items relating to Abraham Lincoln.
The facility also houses
Incunabula dating back as far as 1474.
Much of the collection has been
made available online:
Allendale Campus: Seidman House
(See also: Justin Kern's 'Chicagwarts' photos -
Full transcript