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Mya Bradley & Natalie Anderson

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lib hist

on 11 September 2018

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Transcript of Mya Bradley & Natalie Anderson

Mya Bradley & Natalie Anderson
Jason Dunham
Born in Scio, New York; on November 10th, 1981
Died on April 22nd, 2004
Was a Corporal in the United States Marines
Served from 2000-2004
He was posthumously awarded with the "Medal of honor" on January 11th, 2007
Served with the 3rd battalion, 7th marines during the Iraq war
He selflessly jumped on top of a grenade that was about to explode, in order to save his troop members
Awarded by president George W. Bush
Richard Etchberger
Born in Hamburg, Pennsylvania; on March 3rd, 1933
Died on march 11th, 1968
Served from 1951-1968
Was a Chief Master Sergeant in the Air Force
Served in the Vietnam War
Was recommended after his death to recive the Medal Of Honor; the medal was later given to his sons in honor of him on September 21st, 2010
Medal was awarded to him by President Barack Obama
He also was awarded the purple heart ( another high award to recceive)
Sacrifice - Jason Durham's actions showed an extreme amount of sacrifice because he risked his life by jumping on top of and completely covering a grenade, that was about to explode, with his body in order to protect his Marine troop members . By doing this he not only risked his safety but he gave the ultimate sacrifice, which was his life.
Sacrifice- While the rest of his troops were injured on the verge of death, Richard E fought off enemy troops until the helicopter arrived. When it did Richard Etchberger loaded the troops in the helicopter, as he was being lifted into the helicopter an enemy from the ground fired and killed Richard. He sacrificed his life bye fighting off enemies alone to protect his troops.
Similarities and differences
-They both were awarded the Purple Heart
-They were both awarded the Medal of Honor after death.
-They both died at a young age.
-They both sacrificed themselves for others.
-They are both from the northern region.
Characteristic of a medal recipient: ( Sacrifice, Honor,Valor, Courage, patriotism )
Characteristic of a medal recipient ( Sacrifice, Honor,Valor, Courage, patriotism )
-Etchberger was in the Air Force and Dunham was in the Marines
-Etchberger was killed in combat the Dunham was killed during patrol
-Etchberger had kids, while Dunham did not.
-Dunham had received the Combat Action Ribbon and the Global War on Terrorism Medal, while Etchberger received the Air Force Cross.
-Dunham was in the Iraq War and Etchberger was in the Lima Site Mission during the Vietnam War.
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