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Biomes in Hawaii

No description

Mollie Spearman

on 29 November 2012

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Transcript of Biomes in Hawaii

Tourist Attractions & Fun Facts Marine Biome
Renewable Energy Source: Wind Turbines
(not water because of the surfers)
Catastrophic: volcanoes, tsunamis. hurricanes Geographic Location NATURAL RESOURCES! The first people came in canoes and used the stars for direction.
Pearl Harbor and World War 2
2006 Earthquake
2011 Tsunami & Earthquake 8 major islands
3 active volcanoes and 1 submarine
Tall mountains
Wettest place on earth is Maui People come for climate & landscape
Surfing, swimming, fishing, and hiking by: Mollie, Max, Abbie, & Alex Biomes in Hawaii animals: tropical birds, sea creatures,
plants: seaweed, tropical flowers
There is good soil, pineapples, coffee beans History and Societal Problems Landforms Affects If you put wind turbines in hawaii it could effect the plant life. Where they are placed could damage the biomes. Climate & Weather Temerture: 75 degrees Farenheit and drops 10 degrees at night
Rainfall: 486 inches of rain per year Animals! Dolphins, whales, munk seal, elephant seal, indian mongoose, mountain goats, Giant bufo toad, hikakapu (fish), manini, Ulae (lizard fish), Fun Facts State Bird- nene
State tree- kukui
State Flower- hibiscus
State fish-humuhumunukunukuapuaa Plants Palmgrass
Blue Butterfly Bush
Air Yam
Red Ginger
Indian Shot
Bread Fruit Catastrophic Disasters -Volcanoes
-Earthquakes Wind Turbines They would produce a lot of electricity for the island. With hawaii being an island its gets a lot of wind which will spin the turbines.
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