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Rayline Hampton

on 10 May 2010

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Transcript of Aztec.

Rayline && Katie's Aztec Sacrifice :D What was The Purpose.!? What can you learn? What was it Made of? wheres it from? Why did they use it? The EAGLE WARRIORS. (: Do we sacrifice today? What you need to know about them gods. (: Huehueteotl was the Fire god, aztec art usually shows him as an old guy huntched over with a toothless face. how do you like them apples? (; Tlaloc was said to be the god of rain, fertility and lightning he was greatly feared because he could cause flood,drought, or fling lightening throughout the land. If i were you, i would be scared. Okay, so, The eagle warriors were a prestigious military order. They were called "fighters of daytime". The eagle was considered power of day. They were believed to carry the sun from the underworld and into the sky every morning. This artifact is from the aztec civilization, this artifact was used as a religious weapon of sorts. Because of how it was used to please the godsa, it was considered religious. It was used to praise gods such as Huitzilopochtli,Tezcatilipoca,Huehueteotl,and Tlaloc. They wasnted warriors that were strong and worthy sacrifices. This sacrificial knife's Handle was made of four different types of shell, turquoise,conch,queen conch,and mother of pearl mosaics. The Blade was Flint blade, also the handle was in the shape of a crouching man wearing the regalia of an eagle warrior made out of a single piece of wood. What was the purpose you ask? Well, the purpose was to kill people and take their heart our of their bodies by cutting their ribs our slowly and then riping their beating hearts out with their hands. Tazcatilipoca was sometimes drawn black with a yellow stripe across his face. He was was a central deity in Aztec religion,and one of the four sons of Ometeotl. Huitzilopochtli was a tribal god and a legendary wizard of the Aztecs. Originally he was of little importance to the Nahuas, but after the rise of the Aztecs, Tlacaelel reformed their religion and put Huitzilopochtli at the same level as Tlaloc, and Tezcatlipoca, making him a solar god. Through this, Huitzilopochtli replaced Nanahuatzin, the solar god from the Nahua legend. If i were Nanahuatzin I would be very very angry. Of course we do, where do you think we get our food? HaHa. We use knives to kill our animals therefore, it is sacrifice. You can learn that the Aztecs made lots of sacrifices to the gods because they thought that the gods wanted them to tear out their hearts so that they will have good will and the gods will "help them out". Also you can learn that this knife was a big part of their culture. It shows just how important religion and the gods were to them.
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